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The Boogeyman Comes Out Of The Shadows In This 2 1/2 Hour Out-Of-Character DVD Documentary!


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BOSTONWRESTLING.COM and the Millennium Wrestling Federation bring you, for the first time ever, The Boogeyman, as he sits down for a two and a half hour, out of character interview in this Studio Shoot Interview DVD taping that's a must own for any fan of modern day WWE! Included:

Just some of the topics discussed in this near three hour shoot include:

-- What got Boogey interested in pro wrestling
-- Memories of watching Florida Championship Wrestling and it's stars as a kid
-- Boogey talks of having asthma and shares Cena Sr.'s bottles
-- Boogey discusses background in the movies before getting into pro wrestling
-- Boogey talks about working on Any Given Sunday working with Al Pacino
-- talks of playing college football and being drafted by the NFL's Cleveland Browns
-- how did football get him ready for wrestling??
-- Boogey talks about going from football from bodybuilding to acting to wrestling
-- trying to go to WCW Powerplant before attempting to get onto WWE Tough Enough
-- Boogey talks about what WWF superstars inspired him to get into wrestling in 1995 when they were staying at the same hotel as the Arena Football League team he was playing on
-- talk of how he developed the Boogeyman character??
-- what names WWE had for him before Boogeyman
-- Boogey talks of trying to find a wrestling school
-- why WWE superstars thought he came from the military
-- Boogey goes into detail about the Tough Enough scandal where he lied about his age, why, and what happened from there after looking like he was going to be the seasons top star
-- how his family reacted to him lying during the try-outs
-- how quick WWE contacted him about going to Ohio Valley to train
-- Undertaker's response to Boogey telling him he wanted to work him
-- trainers who worked with him from WWE at OVW
-- Boogey alludes to a trainer purposely knocking his teeth out during his training
-- Boogey talks about what trainer didn't to "shit" for him
-- insulting voicemail he received from Bill Demott in the car while riding with Ryback
-- being forced to do things away from training he was angry about as a 40 year old man
-- Boogey discusses refusing to go to the Georgia developmental territory from OVW and played the WWE offices the voicemail left for him
-- discussion of the great trainers they have in FCW
-- how trainers he had heat with reacted to him after making it to WWE television
-- talk of who from current WWE TV was training at OVW with him at the same time
-- thoughts on Jim Cornette
-- memories of the Boogey / Cornette / Santino Marella incident from OVW when Santino didn't follow Cornette's direction 
-- memories of Paul Heyman coming to OVW
-- talk of getting injured at a house show before debuting on WWE TV after vignettes starting running. . .
-- thoughts on stalking various WWE stars
-- memories on feud with John Bradshaw Layfield
-- Boogey talks about the serious injury he sustained just before WrestleMania 22, and the help he got from Booker T
-- talk goes back to Boogey's debut and how the character developed
-- wanting to work with the Undertaker at some point
-- memories of returning at Survivor Series 2005 involved in the Eric Bischoff vs Teddy Long match
-- talks of slamming Bischoff a few too many times
-- having his first action figure made
-- Cena asks who owns the Boogeyman name??
-- memories of learning Eddie Guerrero passed away in 2005
-- fellow stars reactions to some of WWE's tasteless angles spoofing Guerrero's death soon after his passing
-- thoughts on Vicki Guerrero
-- memories of Chris Benoit helping him at points in his career
-- Cena asks where the worms came from and what WWE Hall of Famer helped him come up with the idea
-- how swallowing the worms led to bowel problems
-- guys not wanting to work with Boogey and/or take the worms
-- thoughts on "Little Boogey" (the midget Boogeyman)
-- talk of sending TNA a video of himself as "The Nightcrawler" and talking to Hulk Hogan
-- talk of creating a character called Slither
-- Cena asks if Boogeyman took anything from Papa Shango
-- Boogey talks about wanting to use horns in his matches
-- memories of WWE TV debut match against Simon Dean
-- how his matches were structured 
-- memories of the amount of worms dropped on Vito at Armageddon 2005
-- talk of the travel schedule and who Boogeyman traveled with
-- story of fans following Boogey and Mark Henry during 150 mile ride to the next city
-- memories of match with JBL at Royal Rumble 2006
-- words that John Cena gave Boogey after JBL match
-- what he learned from Layfield
-- breaking Booker T's nose
-- Boogeyman shows off cut from smashing glass clock over his head 
-- memories of matches with Big Daddy V
-- was Big Daddy V stiff to work with??
-- memories of learning he was going to work #WrestleMania 22
-- memories of working William Regal and how he helped teach him
-- why Boogey refuses to work many independents events
-- why Boogey was released by WWE and returned just a few weeks later
-- who went to bat for Boogey to save his job??
-- how much did Booker T help Boogey at his training school on his time off??
-- memories on feud with the Miz
-- JBL's ribbing of Miz
-- what Donald Trump was like during their skit at WrestleMania 23
-- Boogey shows Mirade and Cena his video of Slither
-- Cena shares his ideas for the Slither gimmick
-- Boogey becoming an honorary member of DX with HHH and Shawn Michaels
-- what were HHH & Michaels like behind the scenes
-- thoughts on the Benoit murders / suicide
-- disappointment over not being a part of WrestleMania 24 in Orlando
-- memories on the retirement of Ric Flair's retirement match at WM
-- friendship with Bobby Lashley
-- and more!!

The Boogeyman Studio Shoot Interview 
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