Sunday, December 12th, 2009 * 11:53PM


As most folks countdown to Christmas, President Cena and the entire MWF staff are working around the clock ala Santa's elves to shape things up for SOUL SURVIVOR VI and a huge 2010.  With that said, MWF Heavyweight Champion "Slyck" Wagner Brown of JBL's Uprising has challenger after challenger lining up for a shot at the gold.  His next title defense will be his biggest to date.  The question is, who will it be??

Todd Hanson - if he's healthy, he deserves the match hands down.  Hanson ended Dylan Kage's near four year reign as champion in August 2007 and held the title with pride until being forced to forfeit the championship in June due to injuries suffered at the hands of Kage.  Hanson and Beau Douglas were also the first MWF Tag Team Champions, winning the titles in August 2005.  Can he get healthy??  And if he does, will we still see the Todd Hanson of old??

Scott Reed - to me, the athlete that deserves to be called the MWF Heavyweight Champion as he had Slyck pinned for a ten count plus during the championship competition last summer that saw The Uprising rob Reed of the gold.  Scott wasn't a one hit wonder, as he went tit for tat with "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards in singles action over the summer and has a huge test ahead with "Hurricane" John Walters on the January ULTRA. 

"Straight Edge" Brian Fury - Fury is the current MWF Television Champion, winning the belt at SOUL SURVIVOR V in a thirty minute Iron Man Match against former champion Jay Lethal, John Walters and Slyck himself.  History notes that Fury and Slyck competed in the first match in MWF history September 28th, 2001 - wouldn't it be something to see them main event SOUL SURVIVOR??  Fury is not only a quality athlete but a quality person - his time will come, whether it's at this event or in the future.

Chris Sabin - Sabin and Slyck have had a long running feud going back to the summer of 2008.  Sabin was Slyck's first opponent after stabbing Jay Lethal in the back and came away with what some feel was an upset with a pinfall victory over the former TNA superstar.  At SOUL SURVIVOR V, Sabin physically attacked Slyck during the Iron Man TV Title Match when Slyck was attempting to win the title.  Now that he's the MWF Heavyweight Champion, Sabin would love nothing more than to win Brown's gold.

Homicide - Homicide has made only one MWF appearance to date, but it was a big victory over "Future Legend" Luke Robinson of the Uprising.  After that match, Slyck humiliated Homicide while the rest of the faction held the LAX member down like a dog, giving him baby slaps across the face.  Vegas odds say we haven't seen the last of Homicide in the MWF.

"Black Machismo" Jay Lethal - long running enemy of JBL's Uprising that saw Slyck stick the knife in his back moments after winning the MWF TV Title in the summer of 2008.  The two competed in the four way Iron Man match at SSV and Lethal was expecting to get a crack at the MWF Heavyweight Championship on the December ULTRA, only to see Dylan Kage throw a monkey wrench in those plans.  Lethal first wrestled a highly competitive match against Kage before Slyck dashed for the ring for a second match for Lethal.  One of the most honorable athletes to ever grace an MWF ring, Jay Lethal certainly deserves a fair shot at the title.

"Stalker" Dylan Kage - the most hated superstar in MWF history that's been with us since 2001.  Unfortunately, he is likely looked at as the great champion in company history, holding the title for nearly four years until a crushing defeat at the hands of Todd Hanson at SSVI, and went nuts stating he was still champion because Hanson was only the better man for three seconds out of his lengthy run.  While Kage disappeared for over a year, we later learned that he and Paul Bearer were behind a vicious series of attacks dating back to March 2006 when Commissioner Von Johnson suffered from a concussion after being hit in the head with a brick.  Just how evil is Kage??  How low would he go to regain the championship he feels he never lost??  Is the championship even on this sick individual's radar screen??

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!  What about "DIe Hard" Eddie Edwards??  "Hurricane" John Walters??  "Million Dollar Investment" Tommaso Ciampa??  Abyss??  The possibilities are endless as the MWF's own hot stove winter continues!