Monday, May 10th, 2010 * 2:19AM

While most people were celebrating Mother's Day with their families, it was a tense afternoon and evening at MWF Studios as officials worked for hours rearranging the ZERO TOLERANCE line-up May 22nd in Everett, MA to make it even bigger and stronger than it was already. 

In addition to the "Slyck" Wagner Brown vs Todd Hanson MWF Heavyweight Championship match-up, President Cena faxed off paperwork this afternoon for an MWF TV Title "Zero Tolerance" Match where the champion "Straight Edge" Brian Fury goes to war with "Million Dollar Investment" Tommaso Ciampa of JBL's Uprising in a match with no boundries.  Does a match of this caliber favor Ciampa, whose rule breaking skills are in his blood??

The Fury-Ciampa rivalry is becoming one of the most heated in the history of the MIllennium Wrestling Federation.  In the summer of 2008, Ciampa was fresh off losing the MWF TV Title to "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal while Fury was making a big time impact on his return of a near five year absence.  After Fury defeated Ciampa in a singles match, the Uprising hit the ring and went wild, beating Fury's knee with a chair along with Scott Reed, who charged the ring to help his friend.  President Cena suspended Ciampa indefinitely while Fury went on to win the MWF TV Title by defeating Lethal, "Slyck" Wagner Brown and "Hurricane" John Walters in a four way 30 Minute Iron Man at SOUL SURVIVOR V.

Once John Bradshaw Layfield joined the MWF in December 2008, once of his first actions was paying the company a large fee to reinstate Ciampa.  In his return, JBL distracted Cena while Ciampa and Slyck brutally attacked Cena in the MWF loading docks, pouring Layfield Energy drinks down his throat.  Ciampa required knee surgery due to lingering issues, returning during the finals of the Championship Competition last summer, lending fellow Uprising member Brown a hand by tossing Scott Reed off the top rope and an ensuing championship pinfall.

Fury-Ciampa II took place on the February 2010 MWF ULTRA.  In one of the greatest MWF championship matches ever, it was outside interference that determined the outcome.  When J-Busta of the Uprising tried to distract the referee to give Ciampa the edge, Reed ran through the crowd to hit his finisher on Ciampa as Fury narrowly retained his title.

In a series of meetings leading up to SOUL SURVIVOR VI, President Cena and the MWF Board of Directors debated who the top contender was for the TV Title.  In the end, Cena felt the both Reed and Ciampa deserved a championship match and signed a Triple Threat Match between the three April 24th.  Our annual mega event featured superstars and legends of yesterday, today and tomorrow, with live wrestling, a Q&A and autograph/photo fanfest.  As some insiders had predicted, Fury vs Reed vs Ciampa stole the show in one of the most outstanding matches in New England history.  Reed looked to win the title after hitting Ciampa with his finisher, only to have Fury break up the pin attempt and toss him from the ring.  Proving the intense athlete that he is, Ciampa was able to kick out Fury's pin attempt.  The exhausted champion finally finished off Ciampa with his own finishing maneuver, however, doubt remained, can Fury beat Ciampa on his own??

Be there LIVE in Everett, MA May 22nd and witness a classic in the making for yourself!