Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 * 11:43PM

President Cena is planning on an anniversary event of revenge against JBL's Uprising at the BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH on Saturday, September 18th in Melrose, MA as he's signed TNA superstar Homicide to appear at this mega-event!

Homicide made his MWF debut squashing former Uprising member Luke Robinson, but was attacked four-on-one post match by JBL's crew, baby slapped by "Slyck" Wagner Brown while the others held Homicide down when he went into a pitbull like rage.  The multi-time TNA Tag Team Champion's veins are filled with bad blood, and he's headed to Melrose to compete in the squared circle and take part in the autograph / photo fan fest as we continue to Keep The Kids Off The Streets.  Adding Homicide to a loaded line-up that already includes the Daniel Bryan / John Cena Sr. mystery and "Slyck" Wagner Brown vs Boogeyman MWF Heavyweight Championship match that's only going to get bigger over the next week, and you're talking about one of the biggest events in New England wrestling in 2010!

VIP packages and tickets go on-sale soon - get yours early to be part of the biggest event in MWF history!