Monday, July 12th, 2010 * 12:28AM

As the Millennium Wrestling Federation gears up for our 9th anniversary event BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH Saturday, September 18th in Melrose, psycho "Stalker" Dylan Kage is back yet again with a home movie on how he wants to destroy President Cena's Fabulous Women of Wrestling division from within.  This comes after a series of vicious, threatening and odd videos where he's choked out the Iron Sheik with his own cane, professed his "love"/lust for Linda Mirade, breaking into the Mirade home at Christmas time, as well as "The Age Of Kage."  Kage and his evil mentor Paul Bearer are gearing up for their return in September, what do they have up their sleeves??

NOTE:  Mr. Kage uses what some fans would consider vulgar language in these videos.  Viewer be forewarned.  President John Cena Sr. has allowed the majority of Kage's videos to air on MWF television and on-line to show the fans Kage's disturbing pattern of behavior since there isn't enough legal evidence to charge him with a crime.  The MWF takes no responsibility for the following video.