Thursday, August 5th, 2010 * 3:28AM

We've got the BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH coming up Saturday, September 18th in Melrose, MA, but this promotion has always been one that has promoted and recognized history, both it's own and that of this sport.  Today is an unfortunate date in MWF history, as myself, The Iron Sheik & Commissioner Von Johnson were nearly killed after being blown up by a drunk driver after IRON SHEIK APPRECIATION NIGHT in Blackstone, MA.

I will refrain from going into the details of the most challenging day dealing with the Sheik - ever.  Ever.  If it wasn't for his antics, the crash would have been avoided completely.  A year and a half after recovering from a disabling injury, I was hired for a job outside of professional wrestling the day before, August 4th, 2005, that provided health insurance and a retirement fund (you know how that song and dance goes in this business).  As a result, I was in a rare good mood until the Sheik became intolerable for whatever the reasons might be.  Most fans know the Sheik and I are very good friends in real life as he realizes our first Studio Shoot Interview DVD shot him off like a rocket to an entire new fanbase.  We went to LA for WrestleMania when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  We've traveled the roads up and down the northeast, Las Vegas, Toronto and many places in between.  This day, however, he was an ass.  He ruined an event that was a tribute to him.

After the event, he didn't want to return to Boston with myself and Commissioner Von Johnson, which was fine with me, he could have stayed in Blackstone for the rest of his life as far as I was concerned at that point in time.  Ten minutes after we left, the commish got a call that there was no one else there to take him back to Boston and we had to go get him.  He was sitting on a plastic milk crate in a church parking lot kissing the church talking about how much he loved God, Allah and so on for quite awhile before getting him back in the car.  There are some things I can look back at now and laugh but I was in no laughing mood five years ago tonight.

We reached Rt. 495-N and within ten seconds, BOOM, a sound that I can only compare to Kane's pyrotechnics if you've ever been to a live WWE TV taping.  As I turned to see what the hell had happened, the pick up truck that hit us flew OVER us, landed, blew up and rolled hundreds of feet.  Despite the massive damage done to Von Johnson's totaled SUV, he was able to stop the car before we drove right into him where we all would have died.

Once we stopped, I said we needed to get the hell out of the car as we were hit on the gas tank side of the car and was worried we were going to blow up as well.  I didn't realize we were in the gully, which I fell face first into, tearing my mouth and face up (part of the reason why I wear a goatee).  Von Johnson and the Sheik got into a fight in car as they couldn't get out because they were wedged into the car the way we were hit.  I looked up at a massive inferno. . .the drunk that hit us had shoes, socks and other things from his truck all over the highway.  An off duty firefighter was trying to put out the truck that hit us.  The entire highway was closed down as a helicopter was flown in to bring the worthless drunk to a burn center while three ambulances were brought in for myself, Sheik and Von Johnson.  I won't even get into the Sheik's antics at the hospital, both humorous and disgusting.

As a result, I wasn't starting work anytime soon.  I was back in a neck brace again and later spent five hours a day three times a week in rehab trying to get back to the point I'm at now.  It hasn't been enjoyable spending the majority of my 20's with a cane and various casts and braces.  I originally felt bad for the kid that hit us, he was a year younger than me.  I don't think he woke up that day and set out to try to kill three people and himself.  But when I found out he and his lawyer were trying to fight him going into a alcohol rehab program for two weeks and lose his license for a year (no jail time), I was disgusted.  From police reports and information from witnesses, this worthless sack of s**t passed out at the wheel he was so drunk and drove across all four lanes on 495-N at nearly 100 MPH.  If he hit us a couple of feet towards the end of the car, we would have been done.

Below is a video you should consider next time you're out partying.  Some of the scenes are acted, some are real life deaths, so viewer beware.  This accident caused permanent damage to my life.  In the end, it decimated my family life, all to be mocked by "Stalker" Dylan Kage on this very web-site.  I have nerve damage in my feet, torn discs in my back and herniated discs in my neck.  A life of daily physical pain, pain killers, muscle relaxers, fighting with insurance companies, lost years of income as the drunk had little insurance nor money for the "settlement," never mind losing those that my everyday life revolved around - my motivation to go through physical hell in rehab to try to get better and live a somewhat normal life again.  The Sheik is in just as bad of shape as I am.  I hope the beers or whatever Justin Dunbar was doing that night before he personally chose to get behind the wheel drunk was worth it.  The only solace I find is that it happened after a wrestling event, not with the kids in the car. . .

To B & D, I'm sorry. . . .I hope someday you'll understand. . . .