by Dan Mirade
Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 * 1:01PM
UPDATE:  Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 * 11:49PM
UPDATE:  Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 * 1:41AM
UPDATE:  Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 * 12:53AM

The latest in the Daniel Bryan / Bryan Danielson situation is not the best of news. . .

At 3:13AM today, Bryan sent a very nice email just before I went to bed, stating:

I sincerely apologize but unfortunately I will have to cancel the show on the 18th. I feel horrible about it and will refund the money as soon as I get home. If you need help finding a replacement I will gladly help. Once again I apologize and I'm sorry for any inconveniences this may cause you.

Bryan Danielson  

I appreciate the sentiment and offer very much.  At the same time, back on June 20th, he agreed to appear at our September 18th event and was sent the financial deposit he requested that night.

Bryan has been promoting his appearance at our event and several others on his website (and it's still there) - and for an unknown reason, he is honoring SOME of his commitments to various wrestling organizations, but not all of them.  That's not right.  Your word is your bond.  Why choose to hurt only SOME of the groups you agreed to compete for??  We put together terms we mutually agreed upon and he had no issue taking our money in June.  We've spent a good chunk of change on on-line advertising, hundreds of worthless posters, thousands of worthless flyers, hours of time at the studio promoting his appearance.  If he was canceling ALL of his appearances, it would be an easier pill to swallow, but the fact that he appears to be picking and choosing is troublesome.

I replied to Bryan late last night, and where we're less than five weeks away, I also contacted WWE's Executive Vice President of Talent Relations as well as their Executive Vice President & General Counsel.  Not in the typical wrestling way of having "heat," but in a very polite manner explaining the details of the situation and offering to send them any documentation to back up what I was writing.  WWE set the precedent of allowing him to appear at non-WWE events - we gave our word to our fans that he would appear after he agreed he would be here and we knew he received a financial deposit to secure the date.  WWE was put in a similar spot last May and were very upset when the owner of the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO canceled their live Raw taping for the NBA Playoffs.

We've always had a warm relationship with WWE, they've always been good to us, and vice versa.  In the past, we helped WWE with the Boston premiere of the movie "The Condemned" where Steve Austin came in for a Q&A and have always been glad to hype upcoming live events in the area.  In August 2007, I spent a weekend of my life on a manhunt to help get The Iron Sheik to Raw at Madison Square Garden, and received over a dozen phone calls from Vince McMahon's personal assistant when WWE needed the Sheik for Raw at MSG this past November that Mr. Cena was able to help with.

We are only asking for what we believe is right - for Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson to appear live September 18th as he said he would.  While we obviously have to look at replacements at this point, we are hoping that once the powers that be at WWE look at the situation and how his non-appearance would hurt our event, they'll choose to let him appear September 18th as agreed upon.  We lived up to our end of the word every single step of the way.

To the fans, we apologize for being put in this situation so close to the event itself.  This column was put together in less than a half hour due to life's schedule but wanted to get the news of what was happening and what we're trying to do as soon as possible.  If Daniel Bryan is not in Melrose September 18th, we hope you can clearly see that we did and will continue to do everything humanly possible to try to make it happen.

UPDATED:  August 17th, 2010 * 11:49PM

Now I realize why I'm single. . . . some good news and some bad news. . .

Today was without a doubt one of the longest days in Millennium Wrestling Federation history.  Mental and physical exhaustion don't even begin to describe it.  It started with my cell phone going wild during the main event of SummerSlam Sunday night when Daniel Bryan returned to WWE. . .an extremely tense 28 hour period followed until we heard from Bryan last night after 3AM. . .and then a day that could fill a chapter in a book.  I remember shutting the lights off last night around 4AM thinking "what the hell is going to happen tomorrow?"

It was my hope that somehow, someway WWE would go along with our request to have him appear as agreed upon in June.  At the end of the day, Daniel Bryan is WWE's intellectual property again that they're investing millions of dollars in promoting.  Our anniversary event is 24 hours before WWE's Night Of Champions PPV.  Do they want to risk him possibly running into travel issues that would cause him to miss what I imagine will be a US Title match against The Miz so he can compete in Melrose??  MWF fans don't want to hear it, but the answer is no.  Believe me, from a personal level it is just as frustrating for us as it is for you.  On a business level, though, it makes total sense. 

After speaking with a few MWF officials on a few hours sleep, we made the decision to get the first part of this column online asap to let the fans know what was going on - barring a bizarre act of God where Daniel Bryan is no longer a part of WWE between now and then, he is absolutely not going to be at the BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH.  It is, unfortunately, what it is. . .

With that in mind, it is our goal, our focus and commitment to find a quality replacement for Bryan September 18th.  I was in contact with people in WWE today. . .I was in contact with people in TNA today. . .I was in contact with wrestling insiders. . .in constant contact with our inner circle. . . .the main objective being what is the best direction to go for this event to give the fans the best experience humanly possible. . .

I am also very happy to say I had a series of email conversations with Bryan today that show that this man is a 110% class act.  This isn't Jake Roberts we're talking about. . .this isn't Terri Runnels, Jim Neidhart or some of the other sleaze we've dealt with in the past that screwed over both the company and fans.  This is an athlete that is fulfilling his dream on the biggest stage in the world.  How many of us would pass down that opportunity??

With that said, we have some good news.  When Bryan is in Boston August 30th for WWE Monday Night Raw, we will be meeting in person, where he will autograph the posters he's on that will be included in all VIP Front Row packages (a big time replacement for the generic event poster that was included).  On top of that, Bryan will make a video announcement as to exactly who his replacement will be September 18th.  Outside of him actually being at the event, it was a tremendous offer - an offer that was made by BRYAN, not anything we had requested.  Let's forget about the wrestling vocabulary of "the promotion," "the booker," "the boys," etc.  That offer says ions about him as a human being.  Our superfans will receive an autographed poster from one of the top superstars in WWE, and fans across the world will find out who Daniel Bryan's replacement is out of his own mouth.  That's pretty cool.  Bryan wrote about this situation in his own BLOG tonight.

I look forward to see what President Cena will have to say at MWF Studios this Sunday night.  The summer long question has been "why" Cena brought in the man that almost crippled his son on Raw June 7th.  It will be interesting to see what our esteemed president has to say. . .will it be MWF TV Champion "Straight Edge" Brian Fury defending the title against both Eddie Edwards and Bryan's replacement or just Edwards??  What about the veteran John Layfield, whose is the event sponsor??

On top of looking forward to what Daniel Bryan's cooking up for an announcement August 30th, our 9th anniversary event September 18th is stacked and loaded, featuring The Boogeyman, The Iron Sheik, Paul Bearer, Homicide, Jay Lethal, Doink The Clown Matt Borne, ROH TV Champion "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards, and Mr. Cena himself on top of the finest athletes in the northeast.  We'll be continuing our work to Keep The Kids Off The Streets and have the Special Olympics and Big Brothers on hand.  The following day, we have our Boogeyman Studio Shoot Interview DVD taping.  It's going to be the biggest weekend in MWF history where the superstars and legends of yesterday, today and tomorrow come together, and we want you to be a part of it.  As the old saying goes, when one door closes, another opens.  It will be a challenge to replace an athlete and person of this caliber, but if you join us in September, you'll realize that you're getting the best value in wrestling. . .

Where all of this has happened out of the blue, we ask that you give us a few days to get the graphics and event related pages updated - just like Daniel Bryan himself, this wasn't exactly something we were expecting.  Our promise is that we're going to make the best out of it. . .

UPDATED:  August 31st, 2010 * 1:42AM

Another tense day in the Millennium Wrestling Federation, as everyone wanted to know "who is Daniel Bryan's replacement?"  I just walked in the door from the 900th WWE Raw taping and meeting with Bryan at his area hotel suite.

Bryan and President Cena secretly met in private this afternoon, leaving everyone out of the loop and lead many to wonder "what is going on this time?"  However, tonight we rushed back to the hotel after Raw.  As Bryan promised, he signed the event posters and he and President Cena announced his superstar replacement September 18th. . . and. . .

As we speak, Cena Sr. is flying in a private plane to Texas to ink the contract, so to speak.  We expect the video announcement to be on-line as soon as Cena returns from TX late this evening (Wednesday).  The end result - on paper - will be one of the most exciting, explosive matches in MWF history. . .what a 9th anniversary!

While there are legal reasons why I cannot announce who Bryan's replacement is, I can say that Bryan Danielson / Daniel Bryan, is one of the classiest, most honest individuals I have come across in professional wrestling in almost 17 years of being around this great sport.  It was a pleasure to interact with him in person for the first time tonight, and despite my (many) differences with President Cena, the two pulled off something great for the fans.  At the end of the day, no matter what promotion or ego is involved, it is THE FANS that matter the most!

Keep checking back for the official announcement - it is coming!

UPDATE:  September 1st - 12:53AM

It's official - President Cena is back from Texas.  Below, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan and MWF President John Cena Sr. announce who will be replacing Bryan LIVE September 18th!