by Dan Mirade
Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 * 5:52PM

Wrestling fans, this holiday season, help put a smile on the face of WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik for the cost of a postage stamp!!

Earlier this year, the Sheik underwent extensive surgery on his purple, severely damaged ankles and feet (see photos).  As a result, the Sheik has had to cancel numerous bookings, including MWF FULL THROTTLE in North Carolina in March, as well as tapings for "Late Night With The Iron Sheik," which has been postponed indefinitely.

In recent years, after a family issue, the Sheik improved his overall quality of life by overcoming the majority of his "medicine" issues, which has also helped tame his infamous shoots and tirades.  While some self serving individuals have tried to push the right buttons to get him back into that unhealthy zone, he's indicated that his health and family are better off as a result of beating certain "demons."  Sheiky Baby will always be an entertaining enigma until the end of time. . .

The last time I spoke with him, he didn't sound very good.  His wife explained this his feet are so bad off after surgery he's basically living in a recliner at home.  Talking to him today, it was really sad to hear him sound so down and beaten up.  He misses being on the road and seeing the fans, he's disappointed that he's had to give up so many paid appearances which have hurt financially, and he's still in a lot of physical pain to the point he could barely talk above a whisper.

To try to boost his spirits this holiday, we're asking fans near and far to send a Christmas card, a letter of their favorite Sheik memories, etc. to:

Millennium Wrestling Federation
Attn:  Iron Sheik
360 Main St.
Melrose, MA 02176

In a few weeks, we'll mail a package to his home where his wife can read them to him.  PLEASE NOTE, no matter if it says "official" or "verified," The Iron Sheik DOES NOT have a Facebook or Twitter account!!  He cannot read or write in English, never mind use a computer.  If you're a "friend" of someone claiming to be the Sheik, you are being conned.  We have operated his official website since January 2005.

Also, this is an opportunity to say "thanks" to the man while he recovers, not to ask him to autograph items.  We're only going to mail cards and letters.  We have a wide variety of Sheik merchandise in the MWF Store as well as our 12 Days of Christmas charity auctions where you can help one of six tremendous non-profits by bidding today!!

Get well soon, Sheik Baby!!