Thursday, January 5th, 2012 * 11:03PM

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The long awaited debut of Bushwhacker Luke finally takes place at SOUL SURVIVOR VIII Saturday, March 24th at Memorial Hall in Melrose, MA!!  Not only will one half of the legendary WWE duo and future Hall of Famer compete in the ring, but he'll be part of the pre-event autograph / photo meet & greet!!

Several members of the MWF staff have relations with Luke going back to his debut in the late "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble's Century Wrestling Alliance in December 1993.  It was ten years ago last week that the MWF held it's BUSHWHACKER BENEFIT in Revere, MA to raise money for Bushwhacker Butch after he nearly died from a staff infection;  he used the money generated to buy a computer to be able to work from home before returning to his native New Zealand.  Millennium Wrestling Federation officials have been in talks with Luke for the past few years trying to make a live appearance happen, but the timing was never right - until now!!  What is on Luke's agenda in the MWF??  Be here LIVE March 24th and find out!!

Join Bushwhacker Luke, MWF Heavyweight Champion Low Ki / Kaval, Finlay, Carlito, Paul Bearer, John Cena Sr. & more as we work to "Keep The Kids Off The Streets"!!  Get your tickets now!!

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