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Saturday, February 25th, 2012 * 4:14PM

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The MWF Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match between Low Ki, Slyck Wagner Brown and "Million Dollar Investment" Tommaso Ciampa has pro wrestling talking, but that's just one half of the double main event March 24th in Melrose, MA.

In September, John Cena Sr. made the shocking announcement that he had worked with the MWF Board of Directors to relocate the company to the Carolina's effective April 1st, 2012.  As a courtesy, he extended commentator and company co-founder Dan Mirade the opportunity to battle "Stalker" Dylan Kage in an unsanctioned street fight at SOUL SURVIVOR VIII, something he had been all but begging for the past few years.  However, due to serious health concerns, he was forced to withdraw.

As Kage and mentor Paul Bearer began to taunt Mirade, the decision was made that in the second half of the double main event, the "Stalker" will wage war with the debuting Fit Finlay!!  Fans across the northeast have been excited for weeks about seeing the former WWE US & WCW Hardcore Champion live and in person.  The man that loves to fight had his career reborn in WWE after taking several years to recover from an in-ring injury, and he's better than ever!!

Kage's MWF resume is still as impressive as they come.  He is the longest reigning MWF Heavyweight Champion of all time, holding the title nearly four years before losing it to Todd Hanson at SOUL SURVIVOR IV.  He's the current MWF Southern Heavyweight Champion in the Carolina's and has led both version of Paul Bearer's Trifecta.  He's also been a part of the main event in all eight SOUL SURVIVOR'S

Will brute force and experience edge out youth and evil??  Check out interviews with both superstars.  If you haven't done so yet, get your discounted tickets and VIP Packages today!!  SS8 will not be seen on MWF television, there's only one way to see it - be there LIVE March 24th in Melrose, VIP Packages and tickets are on-sale now as we work to Keep The Kids Off The Streets!!

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