Monday, March 26th, 2012 * 1:04AM

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The Millennium Wrestling Federation is pleased to officially announce that Paul Bearer is the new President of MWF North effective March 25th, 2012.  The MWF was set to exclusively brand itself in the Carolina's April 1st until late week meetings with Dan Mirade, John Cena Sr. and Mr. Bearer. 

MWF Chairman Neil Manolian attended SOUL SURVIVOR VIII at Memorial Hall in Melrose, MA with an executive order from the MWF Board of Directors giving Mr. Cena the opportunity to sign off on an executive order allowing the organization remain active in the northeast.  Once resigning as company president last summer, Mr. Cena was hired as a private executive consultant, and after an in-depth evaluation of company procedure and records his ultimate conclusion was that as a business, the MWF would be best served in the south.

For months, Mr. Mirade has accused Mr. Cena of an "inside job" with a goal of destroying the company from within in an attempt for us to move headquarters to North Carolina.  Amongst the several pieces of evidence he brought to a meeting Thursday was a tape showing "John Cena Sr." yelling into a telephone recorded by an unknown person.  While it certainly raised concern, no one could conclusively say that it was Mr. Cena.  Cena himself has stated that it was not him and the person in the video was someone trying to imitate him.

The Millennium Wrestling Federation had no intentions of a brand extension as of Friday morning when we were contacted by President Bearer, who offered a vision for the future and an outline of things he would do if given the opportunity to keep the northeast active with the MWF continuing it's efforts in the South.  After our meeting, the Board decided that after Mr. Cena's consultation, it was at his discretion if we were to continue in that direction;  ultimately, Cena signed off on the paperwork and MWF North continues effective immediately.

While certain areas of the organization are restructuring, Mr. Bearer named Dan Mirade the Executive Vice President of Wrestling Operations of MWF North to go along with his broadcast and production duties, which went into effect tonight when an agreement was reached.  Mr. Cena was asked to find a EVP of Wrestling Operations for MWF South as soon as possible.

As a result of the change in structure, Bearer's managers license will be exclusively in effect in MWF South;  Cena's managers license has been reinstated in MWF North if he so chooses to utilize it

After an action packed afternoon and evening at SOUL SURVIVOR VIII, the Millennium Wrestling Federation could not be more excited about future endeavors in both the northeast and Carolina's under the leadership of Paul Bearer and John Cena Sr.  Look for further announcements in the coming days and weeks.

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