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2011 & 2012 Special Olympics Partners
Live Professional Wrestling - Autograph / Photo Fanfest - Raffles - Auctions & more!
Saturday, September 22nd, 2012
Memorial Hall - 590 Main St. - Melrose, MA     (large gray building next to fire station)
5PM - Doors open for VIP's and fans taking part in Meet & Greet only
--- please do not enter the venue until 5PM unless you're taking part in the Meet & Greet
5:30PM - Autographs / Photos Meet & Greet  ---  Doors open for General Admission
Be Part Of The Keep The Kids Off The Streets Campaign!
Please email any questions before ordering -
NO VIDEO CAMERAS!      Handicapped accessible!
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We thought we had our 11th anniversary BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH September 22nd featured superstar line-up completed with the announcement of Little Guido and have been signing contracts for top matches and working on auction & charity items ever since. However, that all changed this afternoon. One of MWF Superfans favorite superstars of all time of WWE fame reached out to us, wanting to compete at the BBBB as well as appear at our ZERO TOLERANCE charity event the afternoon of September 22nd, both at Memorial Hall in Melrose, MA at what can be called nothing less than, borrowing a sports phrase, "a hometown discount." As exciting as all this is, reality set in.

Much like fans at home, we have a budget we have to work with, especially after some of the odd financial moves John Cena Sr. made before departing for MWF South last spring. While we'd LOVE to add a 7th featured superstar for you to see and meet, we can't wave a magic wand and have the finances be there. So here's the "challenge" for the fans - if we sell a minimum of TEN VIP PACKAGE'S by Sunday, he's in! If you haven't got yours yet, act NOW! If you've already purchased your VIP Package (by far, the BEST value in professional wrestling), sincerely, thank you very much. However, you can still help the cause to make your experience even bigger and more memorable! Take the event link and reach out to various wrestling web-sites with it to get the word out. Let friends and fellow fans know about it by posting about the event on Facebook and Twitter. There are thousands of wrestling fans in the Boston area that have never experienced the action and excitement of the Millennium Wrestling Federation live. If they sample it once, we know they'll be back for more! The more fans we have, the more events and superstars and legends of yesterday, today and tomorrow we can bring you!

Ready - set - go! Here's your chance to help load up this monster event! We'll announce either way Sunday night if this mission was a success or a little more help.

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