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2011 & 2012 Special Olympics Partners
Live Professional Wrestling - Autograph / Photo Fanfest - Raffles - Auctions & more!
Saturday, September 22nd, 2012
Memorial Hall - 590 Main St. - Melrose, MA     (large gray building next to fire station)
5PM - Doors open for VIP's and fans taking part in Meet & Greet only
--- please do not enter the venue until 5PM unless you're taking part in the Meet & Greet
5:30PM - Autographs / Photos Meet & Greet  ---  Doors open for General Admission
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NO VIDEO CAMERAS!      Handicapped accessible!
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On July 15th, we wasted a great amount of time on a waste of time, that being "The Ugandan Liar" Kamala / James Harris.  For weeks, our goal was to raise money and awareness for his medical issues, and work with WWE to see if it was possible to get James the replacement right leg he needs.  His response was playing the pity card of "Poor Me", making a video claiming he was screwed over by myself, the MWF, Dawn Marie, WWE & Vince McMahon - AFTER he had seen photos of the money that was mailed and receiving an email from the Cauliflower Alley Club verifying they received it and was being sent to him.  This was in addition to a meeting I had with a CAC official in Las Vegas the night after our reunion in April which led to yet another financial donation going to Kamala / James Harris.  FYI, other than our efforts for Bushwhacker Butch in 2001, the reason why we make our donations to the CAC is because they are a non-profit organization and their donations must be used in a certain way (i.e. medical bills). 

MWF CARES DAY was a great idea in concept, it was ruined in execution by Kamala's child like actions.  You can read the entire article about Kamala / James Harris' deception here.  Kamala will be CC'd in the press release sent out - will he finally respond??

This SummerSlam Sunday, August 19th, we're going to have MWF "REALLY" CARES DAY, to continue to show non-fans that the wrestling community can do a lot of good when it's in the hands of the right people. 

Sunday night on BOSTONWRESTLING.COM, we will be auctioning off an official WWE Extreme Rules 2012 pay-per-view chair.  This was the chair fans that spent $300 received at the live event in Chicago when Brock Lesnar made his return to WWE and challenged John Cena.  100% of the money (outside of Paypal fees and shipping) will be donated to our good friends at the Special Olympics, who have named us Special Olympics Partners in 2011 & 2012.

Also, on Sunday night on BOSTONWRESTLING.COM, we will be auctioning off an official WWE Over The Limit 2012 pay-per-view chair with Randy Orton on it.  Again, this was the chair fans received if they purchased a $300 live event ticket.  100% of the money from this chair (outside of Paypal fees and shipping) will be donated to our friends at the Cauliflower Alley Club.  The CAC uses donations made to the Club and helps out veterans of this great sport in need, whether it be medical expenses, life expenses, even, sadly, funeral and afterlife expenses.  I've been a proud member of the CAC for over a decade attending numerous reunions in NJ and Vegas going back to 1995.  We know the work that the CAC will do will truly go to a good cause to someone that needs it.

To entice your generosity, we'll air the first and only match between Daniel Bryan and "Million Dollar Investment" Tommaso Ciampa that aired on the debut edition of MWF Cyberstarz TV.  This match took place when Bryan was still WWE US Champion, unheard of to have a WWE Champion competing on a regional wrestling event.  Join us Sunday night and consider helping two outstanding causes while adding some cool merchandise to your wrestling collection!!

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Bid on the WWE OVER THE LIMIT 2012 PPV Chair
100% of the money raised goes to Cauliflower Alley Club!
High Bid9er: $75!  We'll email you - thanks for caring!

Bid on the WWE EXTREME RULES 2012 PPV Chair
100% of the money raised goes to Special Olympics!
The MWF has proudly been named Special Olympics in 2011 & 2012
High Bidder: $100!  We'll email you - thanks for caring!

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