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It was just a few weeks ago at the ROAD TO THE GOLD event in Everett, MA that the MWF found itself being rocked to the core in such a way that it hasn’t been rocked since JBL's 2008 buyout of the Uprising. The group, which has spent much of the last year floundering and falling from its usual position at the top of the company due to injury and other misfortune, much of it out of their control. However, at ROAD TO THE GOLD the Uprising revealed they will no longer be floundering and will instead have new life inserted into the group.

It wasn't the first time they have made a huge impact over the past few months. In a plan that started all the way back at the BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH in September, the group has seen an entire facelift. It was at the BBBB that they decided they could no longer rely on some of the dead weight that had carried them down in the past and they needed to go in a completely new direction with some of the MWF’s hungry young stars. JBL is a man that doesn’t talk about, he takes action. That’s exactly what he did.

It wasn't since 2008 when the Uprising was first formed after breaking away from John Cena Sr. that they made as much of an impact as they did that night at the BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH.  The group was reformed bigger and better than ever as 2X former MWF Heavyweight Champion Slyck Wagner Brown joined forces with the current and longest reigning MWF TV Champion in company history Brian Fury, the supremely talented and top up and coming talent Julian Starr, and the injured but always dangerous "Million Dollar Investment" Tommaso Ciampa. Never in the history of the MWF has a collection of talent so great all come together in one faction. The new look Uprising was revealed and the quickly left a path of devastation.

Looking to take out any enemy Jay Freddie felt their wrath, as he was taken out by Slyck Wagner Brown. Longtime WWE and current TNA superstar  Al Snow found himself in the crossfire of the new look group. Even the supernatural Boogeyman wasn't safe, as the Uprising did a number on him backstage after he had an in ring photo session with local children. There was no containing their madness or destruction as they wanted to announce their new look and they wanted to do so with a "Big Bang."

However, they weren’t satisfied with just getting people’s attention and a few months later they proved at ROAD TO THE GOLD that their destruction wasn't contained to just the in ring talent of the MWF. At RTTG they showed the entire wrestling world that nobody is safe and there is no line they wouldn't cross to get what they want and the respect that they feel they deserve. They went to the ring and bullied MWF EVP of Wrestling Opps Dan Mirade, publicly berated him in front of all of the fans he worked so hard to entertain, brutally attacked him after he presented them with the paperwork that JBL had sold their contracts to an unknown buyer.

The Uprising is back, and they were back in a BIG way. With a continued body count being left in their wake, there is one major question coming out of RTTG as we head toward SOUL SURVIVOR, and that question is who was the Uprising sold to and who is the new leader calling their shots?  Who is the person ordering this destruction and paying the bills?

That is the big question sweeping the Millennium Wrestling Federation the past few weeks. Fans have been speculating all over a multitude of social media platforms. Fellow wrestlers have even been talking amongst themselves trying to figure out who it could be or if they could very well be the next person to find themselves in the crosshairs of the Uprising.

Nobody has been able to find out who is behind the new look group yet other than one person (apparently President Bearer or Chairman Neil Manolian) but as a member of the BOSTONWRESTLING.COM web team, I have been doing everything in my power to get to the bottom of this for you the fans.  After discussion the matter with many others behind the scenes, talking to wrestlers who have dealt with the Uprising in the past, exhausting all of my sources, and getting the thoughts of fans from across the country I have come up with this list of 5 possibilities on who could have put together the resources to purchase the group from John Bradshaw Layfield:


It doesn't take the brightest of wrestling fans to be able to connect the dots from JBL to Ron Simmons. The former WWE tag team champions and best friends have remained close since their departures from the company and going their separate ways. JBL and Simmons both have stated in multiple interviews that they remain close and are in contact regularly even though JBL spends most of his time now in Bermuda or climbing mountains for his charity Beyond Rugby Bermuda. If there was one person that Layfield could trust to run the Uprising as if it was him calling the shots and they wouldn't miss a beat, it would be Ron Simmons. The former Acolytes have trusted each other with their lives in the ring for years and there is no doubt JBL would trust Simmons to run the group and carry out his original goals.  During the hit the Uprising put out on Mirade, he stated that the reason Layfield parted ways with the faction was the disrespect they showed Simmons by no-showing a planned meeting during HOLIDAY HEADLOCKS in December - was it a swerve?

It also seems pretty convenient timing that Simmons and the Uprising never crossed paths when the WWE Hall of Famer was brought into the MWF as special enforcer for the Scott Reed -vs- Dylan Kage on Cyberstarz this fall.   During their multiple attacks on members of the roster that evening, the Uprising never targeted Simmons. Was this just an order from JBL to stay away from his friend or is there something bigger at work here? It would certainly be an easy transition for everyone involved but only time will tell if this is a suspicion that comes to fruition. Simmons did not return phone calls to comment on the story, but we will continue to try and get to the bottom of it. For now at least, he is at the top of our list.


If there was one former professional wrestler who shares JBL's love for money, knowledge of investments, and has the financial capability to not only purchase the Uprising but take them to new heights, it would certainly be the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.

DiBiase is no stranger to forming, leading, or being the financial backer of important groups in this business either. He famously formed the Million Dollar Corporation that ran rupshot on the WWE in the mid 90’s and he was a very valuable part of the New World Order in WCW as he was a major financial backer of the group and convinced many of the stars to join the group with his wallet alone.

For years the Million Dollar Man has expressed his interest in investing into the MWF during the CAC weekends in Las Vegas that the MWF brass attends every year. However, each time he is approached, a deal has never been struck and instead the focus has been on the original vision of building the MWF from the ground up.  The Board Of Directors doesn't want an outside investor to have to answer to, instead choosing to stay in the trenches with people who have been here from day one.

Was DiBiase so angry that Mirade turned him down that he went to JBL, purchased the group, and decided to try and make life here a living hell? Did he find a way to invest in the MWF anyway similar to what Layfield did in 2008? Not too many people say no to the Million Dollar Man and his money. If DiBiase did purchase the Uprising, it's entirely possible that they knew before it was announced by Mirade and his first order for the group was to take out Mirade at RTTG for being the one ultimately turning down his offers in Sin City. It's not only possible, it could be likely. My sources tell me that DiBiase was spotted just outside of Melrose the same weekend as our 11th anniversary event in September and he could have very well been calling the shots during RTTG. Everyone has a price, did DiBiase meet JBL's price for the athletes in the Uprising?


Ox Baker has a storied history here in the MWF leading angry factions to a path of destruction through the entire company. For much of 2002-2005 Ox Baker lead his evil Army through the entire roster. He would lead his men into every event with one thing and one thing only on his mind, make life miserable for the rest of the roster.  After the MWF cut ties with him after SOUL SURVIVOR VIII, revenge could be on his mind.

There are many questions as to if Ox Baker would be able to meet JBL’s undoubtedly steep price for the Uprising, but when Baker wants to do something, there are very few people who are capable of stopping him.  Even though he's been called "the biggest groveler in professional wrestling," it took Todd Hanson and the MWF over 3 years to drive him out the first time, if he was somehow able to find a financial backer, and has indeed taken control of the Uprising it might take even longer this time.

There is no doubt that Ox Baker still holds a grudge on the MWF for the way he was driven out of the company not once but twice. It’s a relatively long shot, but Ox Baker could of used that grudge as his motivation for purchasing the group and if that is the case, there might not be anybody on the roster who is safe from him and his sadistic mind.


I may very well catch some backlash from my employers for this suggestion, but in wrestling I have learned to never say never. Crazy things seem to be the norm in this sport and this revelation would be no different. For the past few years Dan Mirade has seen himself have to battle for control of the company he co-founded and has been with since the day the paperwork was signed to make it a reality. From divorcing CEO Linda Mirade, to the Trifecta of Terror, to John Cena Sr, there have been a multitude of people who have tried to take control of the company from him.

Last year when it was reveled that Paul Bearer was the new President of MWF North and he would be keeping Dan Mirade on as EVP of Wrestling Operations it appeared that his constant battles for control of the company would be over. He was promoted beyond his video production role, had an ally in the new President, and appeared to be able to focus solely on wrestling and putting on entertaining shows.

However, what if that wasn’t good enough for Mirade? It is widely known that Dan Mirade has always been a hands on type of guy who likes to have his finger prints all over every aspect of the company. What if Paul Bearer wasn’t giving him enough power? What if this new job of EVP wasn’t everything that Dan Mirade thought it would be? It is entirely possible that Mirade wanted FULL control of the company back and he was going to find a way to get it no matter what.

Maybe Mirade approached his longtime friend JBL about not only purchasing the Uprising, but adding the new members and giving it the proper facelift to be able to carry out his ultimate plan to get Bearer out of power and put all of the day to day operations back in his hand.

What would be the perfect way to cover up such a plan? Have the group attack you at RTTG and take everyone’s attention off you. This takes Mirade temporarily out of the picture and allows him to work on his overall plan from the comforts of the shadows. Mirade has always seemed to have a dark side, ulterior motives, or just something “off” about him. Maybe we could very well find out that this whole time he has been power hungry and unable to give up control of his baby.


The last option would be Paul Bearer himself. The former leader of the Trifecta of Terror is no stranger to leading a faction that is hungry for power. Now that he found himself in the position of President of the MWF, he is able to basically do what he wants when he wants.  With his new unlimited amount of resources there is no doubt that President Bearer had the means to purchase the Uprising.

Did he have this as his plan from the start? Did he want to become the President of the MWF just so he could stick to his original plan of the Trifecta of Terror to destroy the company? Did he realize that he was going to need a little more fire power than he had in the Trifecta so he decided to purchase the Uprising instead? It’s possible.

It’s also possible that someone else behind the scenes has gotten their hands on the precious journal of the late former MWF President Franklin D. Churchill from  Bearer and are using the information in that journal to blackmail an investor into purchasing the Uprising so they can cause havoc and destruction to the company? That is entirely possible as well. President Bearer has gone to great lengths to protect the journal and it’s contents. If it were to get into the wrong hands, there is no telling what the outcome could be.

One thing is for certain, there is no shortage of possibilities of who could have purchased the Uprising. Until it is ultimately revealed, all we can do is speculate. However, one thing has been made clear already. The person behind the group is no messing around and they mean business. The Uprising has new life, a new passion, and a new path of destruction.

Until we know who is calling the shots for sure, it is going to be impossible to try and predict what their next move is and that’s what makes them so dangerous. The Uprising was dangerous under JBL, but with this new group of premiere athletes and championship caliber stars, they could be taken to an entirely new level. But who is behind the wheel?  And if Slyck, Ciampa, Fury and Starr don't know who it is, when and how will they find out?

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