"The Madness Behind The Mania:  Boston Garden Memories"
Boston Area Legendary Jobber "Duke of Dorchester" Pete Doherty Talks Boston & WWWF!

"Duke of Dorchester" Studio Shoot Interview DVD - $15 plus s/h

"Duke of Dorchester" Studio Shoot Interview DVD - $15 plus non-US s/h

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BOSTONWRESTLING.COM and the Millennium Wrestling Federation continues it'snew series of "The Madness Behind The Mania" Studio Shoot Interview DVD's, this time with special guest the "Duke of Dorchester" Pete Doherty.  The legendary Boston area jobber joins Dan Mirade, John Cena Sr. and wrestling historian The Jackal to give us an in-depth look at the Boston Garden, the WWWF territory and some the biggest superstars of the golden era of wrestling.  Sit back and enjoy stories behind the curtains and on the road.  Check it out!

- Fan mentality & make-up of the Boston Garden

- Pete's background growing up in the Boston area

- Early memories of wrestling as a fan

- How size held him back

- How Joe Crugnale from WWWF helped break him in

- Memories of first events & the chops he took in his first battle royal

- Talk of the old WWWF schedule when it was a northeastern territory

- Pete talks about the big money cities and the smaller towns

- Talks about how Vince McMahon Jr. learned from Vince McMahon Sr.

- Talk of WWWF TV tapings in Allentown and Hamburg, PA, and how the old school tv tapings were structured for the wrestlers throughout the day

- Memories of the dinners Vince Sr. threw for the boys after the TV tapings, renting out an entire restaurant

- Memories of Captain Lou Albano's drunken tirades on Vince Sr. at the dinners

- Impressions of Vince Jr.'s takeover

- Death threats against Vince Jr.

- Opinions on todays WWE

- Vince Jr. asking the Duke how he explained pro wrestling to his friends outside of the business

- Danger in working the Boston Garden as a heel

- A chair being thrown at Ken Patera from the balcony

- Memories of Madison Square Garden

- Story of the Duke & Patera sharing a cab as Freddie Blassie's new pink Cadallac was destroyed by fans going into the Garden parking garage

- Memories of the Springfield Civic Center

- Memories on working Ken Patera and Angelo Mosca

- Memories on Jack Wychie Standium in Attleboro, MA

- Lou Albano story of Haystacks Calhoun crushing a dog

- Story of Baron Mikel Scicluna stiffing Haystacks for not selling

- Memories of first Boston Garden appearance

- Memories on working with Cheif Jay Strongbow and crowd psychology

- Thoughts on the WWWF Champions of the 70's - Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales, Stan Stasiak, Ivan Koloff, "Superstar" Billy Graham and Bob Backlund

- Wild Garden crowds for Bruno and Pedro

- Memories of Sgt. Slaughter/Iron Sheik feud

- Vince Jr. not letting Slaughter go home to see his newborn baby

- Changes in the Iron Sheik over the years

- Thoughts on "Supestar" Graham

- Could Graham have been Hulk Hogan?

- Was it a mistake to take the belt off Graham so soon when he was so hot?

- Memories of The Grand Wizard, Lou Albano and Freddie Blassie as top three heel managers

- A dead mouse being left in Blassie's man purse

- Memories of "Iron" Mike Sharpe

- Memories of the Duke's big run under the mask as "The Golden Terror"

- Differences working under a mask

- Pete breaks out his actual Golden Terror mask and robe!

- Thoughts on the loss of managers

- Thoughts on Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

- Talk of Boston Garden regular under card guys

- Memories & stories of Andre the Giant

- Thoughts on transition from Vince Sr. to Vince Jr.

- Did the stars of the 70's and early 80's feel left out of the national expansion?

- Memories of appearing on the first NBC Saturday Night's Main Event, working the Junkyard Dog

-  Thoughts on doing color commentary on Boston Garden house shows and Prime Time Wrestling

-  Upset victory over Haku

- Memories on the Bunkhouse Battle Royal and feud with King Kong Bundy in 1987

- Final match September 28th, 1991 in Boston against Kerry Von Erich

- What led to the Duke hanging up the tights

- Jobs outside of wrestling and a heart attack leading to retirement

- Memories of "A Night To Remember" at the Boston Garden in May 1995

- And many more!