"The Madness Behind The Mania:  The Iron Sheik Shoot IV DVD"
Sheiky Baby's in Rare Form - AirTran/Flight Attendant Scandal, Pot Convention & Vegas!

Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview IV DVD - $15 plus US s/h

Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview IV DVD - $15 plus non US s/h

Iron Sheik Autographed Studio Shoot Interview IV DVD - $25 - US s/h only!

Iron Sheik Retirement Weekend was out of control.  At MWF SOUL SURVIVOR VI featured the Sheik's final match, teaming with "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal against the man that caused his car explosion, "Stalker" Dylan Kage (with Paul Bearer).  The following night at MWF Studios, the Sheik conducted his fourth wild, no-holds-barred Studio Shoot Interview.  As a bonus, you will see some of the wildest Sheik footage of all time from a drunk, "medicated" Sheik in his hotel room in Las Vegas.  This isn't hype fans, read below:

- Sheik talks about his retirement match

- What's next for the Sheik?

- Sheik shoots on JBL & his energy drink

- Sheik talks about juices he drinks & meats he eats

- In ways only the Sheik can describe, the Sheik talks about his Airtran flight this spring  from Las Vegas to Atlanta where he went on a tirade on a gay flight attendant who stopped serving him alcohol because he said the Sheik was a troublemaker

- The Sheik describes the flight attendant's fear when he threatened to humble him

- Sheik talks about how the police were waiting for him at the airport in Atlanta and explained to them that the flight attendant was gay

- Sheik talks about the marajuna convention he attended in Vegas, the commercial he filmed and the special pipe he was given

- Sheik describes how the police told him to handle gay people

- Discussion of Sheik's return to Monday Night Raw at Madison Square Garden in November 2009

- Talk of how Ann Russo-Gordon of WWE had to reach out to the MWF to get the Sheik to MSG
- Sheik talks about the feeling of returning to MSG & Garden memories

- Memories of his Boot Camp Match with Sgt. Slaughter

- Cena talks about his Raw main event against Randy Orton

- Cena talks about current WWE's thoughts of Madison Square Garden

- Sheik's thoughts on WrestleMania coming to Atlanta

- Fan question:  would the stars of today make it in Verne Gagne's training camp??

- Sheik talks about his training techniques

- Discussion of Paul Ellering trying to last with the Sheik as his coach

- Sheik's cell phone goes off

- Fan question:  was there ever any heat with the Original Sheik over Sheik using that name??

- Fan question:  who introduced the Sheik to alcohol and drugs where it was banned in Iran??

- Fan question:  what was it like to be interviewed by Kermit The Frog??

- Fan question:  memories of Classy Freddie Blassie

- Fan question:  why wasn't the Sheik allowed to sing the Iranian national anthem??

- Fan question:  how good of a manager was Slick??

- Fan question:  memories of the WWF cartoon show

- Sheik asks the fan if he was doing medicine

- Fan question:  who were the great ribbers??

- Fan question:  thoughts on Col. Mustafa

- Sheik goes on a tirade about the Ultimate Warrior

- Sheik rehashes his thoughts on Brian Blair

- Fan question:  thoughts on Howard Stern

- Sheik shoots on Beetlejuice and the night they shared a hotel room

- Fan question:  memories on being the bodyguard for the Shah of Iran

- Sheik talks about the Iranian hostage situation

- Sheik talks about how his Olympics wrestling cousin was killed

- Sheik talks about how Iranians dug up the Shah's grave to destroy his body but it had been moved to Egypt

- Fan question :  memories and thoughts on Wendi Richter going into Hall of Fame

- Sheik tells the story of threatening to throw the Fabulous Moolah out of a car over medicine

- How Howard Finkel got them to speak

- Fan question:  why does the Sheik hate Mario Lopez??

- Sheik shoots on Jay Leno for not inviting him on his show

- Fan question:  was there ever any theft in the locker room??

- Sheik talks more about his retirement

- Sheik discusses how he has two birthdays

- John Cena Sr. discusses bringing the Sheik back for Soul Survivor VII in March 2011!

- Sheik thanks the fans for a tremendous career

- BONUS FOOTAGE - wild, exclusive footage of a drunk, "medicated" Sheiky Baby like you've never seen before from his hotel room in Las Vegas, smoking cigarettes. . .talking about the rum & coke he had on the plane. . .being f'd up on medicine. . .his WWE book being canceled because of too many medicine stories. . .WWE offering to send him to rehab. . .Shane McMahon & Sid Vicious  trying to shoot with the Sheik. . .Sheik playing racketball with Vince McMahon. . .his reunion with Billy Graham. . .showing off his discolored, injured feet. . .talking to Jamie Dundee on the telephone. . .Sheik tries to buy cocaine and heroin.  Sheik goes on a wild, screaming tirade, standing, screaming at the top of his lungs  about his competition from the AAU. . .violently hitting someone  with an icepick while working for the Shah. . .the Sheik ADMITS to having to make another man humble!!!  Plus, the Sheik talks about how he'll eat pork but not pig yet he loves bacon and eggs. . .how the Sheik wants a whore and medicine, leading to the Sheik going into a wild tirade about Michael Jackson molesting young boys. . .how he could stretch Billy Graham and Harley Race. . .memories of Harley Race. . .how he'd be looking for crack and coke in Atlanta if he wasn't in Vegas. . .

- Plus TONS more in studio and from Las Vegas!!