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Friday, October 2nd, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA - Wrestling fans, this is Dr. David Reiss coming to you from our San Diego, CA satellite office. I'd like to thank you for welcoming us into your home on a variety of platforms for our historic 14th anniversary BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH Monday night. I have a series of important announcements as a result:

After my negotiations with Patrick Clark, I encountered Mr. "Masshole" Mike McCarthy and Mr. Benny Jux. These gentleman not-so-gently fought to a ten minute time limit draw.  Both want an immediate rematch.  A fight, if you will   They don't care about a thousand seat venue, they want to settle this immediately.  We've also had discussions with athletes around the northeast and beyond – ranging out to Parts Unknown – who want a chance to compete here in the Millennium Wrestling Federation.   The want a chance – they deserve a chance – and I'm going to give them that chance in a brand new live event and video platform like you've never seen by us before, MWF FIGHT NIGHT.

At MWF FIGHT NIGHT, there will be TV14 wrestling.   If you want a show for kids, stay at home with your kids – this is not for kids or the faint of heart.  If you want to see a “reality show” – stay home.  If you want to see Cirque Soleil – stay home.  If you want to watch a soap opera – stay home.  If you want to see a debate – it will not be here, but I do feel sorry for you.  (But let’s not go there.)

The first round of our open door, underground, dojo style FIGHT NIGHT takes place Wednesday night, October 21st at the Bell Time Club training facility in Wakefield, MA, the premiere Club to train to become a professional wrestler in New England.  I look forward to personally welcoming and thanking up to 50 die hard, passionate fans to experience the intense, hard-hitting action, live and in person.  There will be specially priced tickets available on BOSTONWRESTLING.COM this Monday.  FIGHT NIGHT will become a weekly series every Thursday night at 10PM beginning October 29th immediately following SmackDown on our television partners in New England as well as the BOSTONWRESTLING.COM Supersite – yes, you will be able to watch major league wrestling on Thursday nights.

There has been another development.  Mr. John Cena Sr. has been indefinitely suspended.  I realize this is the king of sports, professional wrestling.  This is not “Corporate America” and we are not having job evaluations.  That's fine for "good" Kane or "bad" Kane on RAW Monday night, but that's not happening in the MWF. 

I will not say that Mr. Cena's deplorable actions on the BASH necessarily warranted a suspension.  However, I received a package from his MWF South office in North Carolina with information that cannot and will not be ignored – let’s just say that a secret email server was located. 

I have offered to meet with Mr. Cena at his earliest convenience.  If Mr. Cena needs an Advisor, I will met with the Advisor and his “client”, Mr. Cena.   I would have come to Boston to meet this week but Mr. Cena declined the opportunity. I offered to meet with Mr. Cena before WWE's live event at Madision Square Garden in New York Saturday. Mr. Cena declined, stating he's preparing for an extended trip to Italy and Cam Zagami will be conducting Uprising business in his absence.

With Mr. Cena unable to give me a firm date for us to communicate clearly and directly, man-to-man, I have no choice but to indefinitely suspend Mr. Cena.  I will not discipline lightly.  I am only concerned with major infractions of the MWF Bylaws.  Hey – anyone who wants to compete in MWF with deflated balls, well this isn’t the NFL, be my guest!

I welcome meeting with Mr. Cena - anywhere, anytime - to discuss this information and return him to being an active member of the Federation. The choice is his. 

I send this message to Mr. Cena.  I sent this message to the entire MWF.  Your new President may be a shrink, but I will not shrink from the duties I have been appointed to carry out.  When the hammer has to come down – you will think Greg Valentine is in the house!

Dylan Kage requested a chance to speak as part of our anniversary this week. As an MWF original and the longest reigning champion in company history, he deserved this opportunity.  I gave him this opportunity. I also reminded him that his in-ring appearances are at the discretion of Mr. Cena or whomever is representing his Uprising organization while he is suspended. Dylan's appearance has angered some, but this is professional wrestling – which is not known for being politically correct.  A wide variety of personas and personalities will have their say and the fans will judge for themselves. As long as Mr. Kage does not choose overstep his bounds, he will continue to be a part of the MWF.

I realize that not all of my decisions will be universally loved.  I will do what I feel is best for the Federation; I will do what is best for the athletes. But to hell with what is “best for business” – what is best for the fans rules!

I look forward to meeting you fans at FIGHT NIGHT.  Introduce yourself to me if you see me at RAW.  Just don’t ask me for therapy – I will damn well be off-duty from my “day job.”

With that said, my Vice President, Oscar of WWE Men on a Mission fame, will be meeting with wrestlers individually, and conducting interviews with wrestlers interested in joining our roster throughout New England and the tri-state area this weekend.  Everyone on the MWF roster will earn their spot.

Continue to visit the BOSTONWRESTLING.COM Supersite and social media platforms for the latest information.

Dr. David M. Reiss
President, Millennium Wrestling Federation
2015 - Present

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