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The BOSTONWRESTLING.COM super-site powers the Millennium Wrestling Federation. Based in Melrose, Massachusetts, the MWF was the vision of Dan Mirade and Neil Manolian, established in January of 2001, inspired by the late "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble.  John Cena Sr. became minority owner in September 2007, purchasing Mr. Manolian's partial company stock.  The MWF's goal remains to provide wrestling fans with quality professional wrestling featuring the superstars of yesterday, today and tomorrow with a heavy dose of respect to the sports history.  The MWF presented it's first event on September 28th, 2001 and remains the leader in New England wrestling, raising tens of thousands of dollars for local charity as we continue to our "Keep The Kids Off The Streets" initiative.  In 2010, the MWF expanded it's live event brand into the Carolina's, setting company attendance records.  MWF television programs have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans throughout New England and on-line by fans in over 60 countries as we continue to brand our innovative, state-of-the-art Studio Shoot Interview DVD home video series.  MWF events and superstars have been featured in television, newspaper and radio mediums as The Boston Globe, The Howard Stern Show, KISS 108FM, The Eddie Andleman Show, ESPN Radio, CN8 Sports Pulse and  The MWF has worked on events outside of live wrestling as well, including two Boston movie premieres of WWE and Lionsgate's "The Condemned" featuring a Q&A with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin; The Iron Sheik appearing on the Hi-Fi Network in Toronto;  and promoting the Wrestling's Living Legends reunion the morning of WrestleMania 23 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  The MWF proudly  maintains strong relations with both World Wrestling Entertainment and Impact Wrestling.  The Millennium Wrestling Federation has been proudly named Special Olympics Partners 2011-2020.

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Wednesday, August 26th, 2020
7PM Live Autograph Signing - Help Keep Wrestling Legends Working!
If interested in meeting Marty live, please email us & see information below.
8PM WWE NXT Watch Along Live Stream & Cyber Autograph Signing          
Melrose, MA
Live Television Taping - Autographs - Cameo Style Videos - Interactive Q&A

As our new weekly Wrestling Insiders schedule with Tony Atlas and Marty Jannetty kicks off, we're extremely to have WWE Hall of Famer Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake join the team, including a special live stream during WWE NXT Wednesday, August 26th that will feature a virtual cyber autograph signing.  He's a former WWE Tag Team Champion, he co-main evented WrestleMania, now, for the first time, he comes to the studio that Sheiky Baby built!

At 8PM, Brutus will light up YouTube and Facebook with a LIVE WWE NXT Watch Along plus a Cyber Autograph Signing where fans from around the world can meet & greet with one of the top superstars of 1980's and 1990's WWE.  While we'd love to have you in-studio... you know the current reality as well as we do.  We'll be talking wrestling, taking questions and signing your merchandise - it's your chance to help keep wrestling legends WORKING!

To be blunt, we need your help in order for these productions to continue.

Stream dozens of Studio Shoot Interview DVD's, and get early, ad free, full screen access to our Wrestling Insiders series on - for just a couple of dollars per month, you're helping keep wrestling greats earn a living.  We're all in this life together.

Help Keep Wrestling Legends WORKING!

Fans, between appearance fees, transportation, lodging, studio costs, etc., it's extremely expensive to put together shoots like this for your viewing pleasure.  So many of wrestling's veterans and stars have been crushed due to the pandemic, losing dozens of live events and autograph signing appearances.  Wrestling offers no retirement package for years of abuse.

You can donate to pre-select your time slot to meet Brutus for an autograph and/or posed photo Wednesday night in Melrose.  You must order on this page and book a time in advance.

You can order an autographed photo or poster that Brutus will sign to you LIVE during WWE NXT Wednesday, August 26th, and we'll ship it directly to you.  

If you have your own items you'd like Marty to sign, mail order is also available.  Marty will sign the mail order items live online August 26th as well!  For mail order, please email us.

Brutus will sign the photos and merchandise on the air LIVE August 26th!
Ships in top loader and bubble packaging to ensure it's safety.

Brutus Beefcake Autographed 8x10 --- $19.99 plus US s/h   photos to your right ---->

Bring your own item or an 8x10 photo will be provided.
Select the time you want your autograph and/or posed photo.
Donation to the production is $19.99 each, plus online processing fee.​
You MUST book your time in advance online, you CANNOT pay at the signing.
When arriving, you MUST wait in your car until your booked time - you cannot wait in line.
Let's have some fun!  Please email us with ANY questions before ordering!

Times currently available:  7PM -- 7:05PM -- 7:10PM -- 7:15PM -- 7:20PM -- 7:25PM -- 7:30PM