CWA Mass Madness TV Taping
Saturday, April 27th, 1996
Champs Arena * Sailsbury Beach, MA
Attn: 213

Vic Steamboat NC Knuckles Nelson

Eric Sbraccia def. Tito Gonzalez

Paul Zine def. Big Dick Lano

Tony Rumble def. Skull

Joel Davis def. Big City Mike

Knuckles Nelson def. Johnny Angel via DQ

Vic Steamboat def. Sonny C via DQ

Paul Zine def. Pink Assassin via DQ

Jimmy Snuka def. Metal Maniac

Big City Mike NC Dungeon Master


* This was the curtain call for the Century Wrestling Alliance at Champs Arena. Dan Mirade's heart is still broken over the fact that the former home of the LaCroix's, Mike Horner, Curt, the Wall, Sal DeBardino, Reno and others was turned back into an arcade. Here's what happened:

* In May 1995, the owner of part of a strip on Sailsbury Beach turned one of a zillion arcades into a small wrestling arena, holding maybe 300 people tops. The owner put a chunk of money into it and had Big City Mike (the late Rick Martello) run the wrestling side of it.

* In July 1995, Candyman (Jerry Seavy) and SWAT (Dave Slanni) brought myself, Pat Doyle and Dan Mirade to the venue. There was wrestling there every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Once the summer season ended, the crowds were dead and they cut back to having shows maybe once per week.

* In early 1996, we brought Tony Rumble to Champs. He had known Mike from the old ICW days. An agreement was made where the CWA would run wild in Champs every week, possibly more often in the summer when the CWA didn't have events in other cities. Kevin Sullivan headlined the first event, I interviewed El Mascarado who spoke in Spanish (I do not speak Spanish) and Jimmy Snuka headlined this event. King Kong Bundy and Captain Lou Albano were slated to come to Champs in May.

* Tony and Mike had a falling out after the event. Big City wanted to rent Champs out to other wrestling promotions on non-CWA event nights. The current ICW wanted to run shows there, promising the Bushwhackers and even a match between the 123 Kid and Owen Hart (who were both in the WWF). The heat was so bad that it was the end of the CWA at Champs.

* The CWA TV show "Mass Madness" aired in Sailsbury. Tony shot on Big City Mike and other Champs flunky's before shoot interviews were in style. For the entire half hour, Mike and the other wrestlers that were there before Tony took over were buried in classic fashion. Mike ran a show the next weekend, and that was it. He had burned through the investors money quickly and spent it foolishly. In less than one year, there was no more Champs.

* In early January 1997, we found out that Big City Mike died of a heart attack. He was a huge man, probably around 500 pounds.