Sunday, May 29th, 2005 * 1:57PM

It's been over five months since I've posted anything of note here on this site due to my own physical limitations, the Mirade haters of the world seem to enjoy MWFprowrestling.com more without my opinions and ramblings.  However, after the passing of Dan "Spider" Quirk tonight, I felt the need to vent.  After sitting here pretty angry for the past few hours, I decided to make a call and have this posted.

We're in the middle of a three week MWF ULTRA production break, so it was a quiet weekend  until 11:10PM tonight when I received a phone call about how a botched move in Spider's match tonight at a UCW card in Taunton, MA resulted in his death.  I called some friends to share the news and then my phone starting ringing off the hook.  We made sure to put an item up in the Newsline about his death and then message board fever hit.  I looked at the MWF History section on the site and realized that Spider is the first person ever associated with this organization that has passed away.  And I thought some more...what was it all for??  I didn't know Dan Quirk extremely well....I thought he was a nice enough kid, very respectful and someone who had a passion for the business.  It's sad anytime you hear about someone that's only two years younger than you die, nevermind how and why it happened.  What has made me mad is that I envision this happening again in the future.  The following thoughts are not meant to be a knock against Spider, the promotion he worked for or his opponent (I don't even know who that is). 

When a "name" in wrestling dies, everyone talks about it.  Their legacies are written about and fans honor them in a variety of ways.  What most fans of mainstream wrestling don't realize is what a corrupt business it is that they're fans of.  When an "independent" wrestler dies, people might read a quick blurb about it....and then it's forgotten.  On to the next PPV or Monday Night Raw.  To the friends and family of all of the Dan Quirk's out there, harmless people out to live their dream and entertain the fans, they couldn't care less.  They'll care on July 19th, when Spider was to turn 23 years old.  They'll remember everytime a holiday comes around that he's not there for, or a piece of mail comes in his name. 

Who do you blame for deaths like this??  Wrestling is tough, that's why I get so angry everytime I hear someone call it "fake."  Was what happened earlier in the night "fake?"
Hardly.  There are minor and severe injuries everynight.  It's a physical business.  But I ask, when did professional wrestling start to lose the "professional" aspect of it?

Back in the "good old days" not EVERYONE that wanted to be a professional wrestler could be one.  Not everyone that goes to Hollywood becomes a movie star.  I'm a huge Red Sox fan, but that doesn't mean Terry Francona is going to insert me into the starting line-up.  PROFESSIONALS do it.  So why is it in wrestling, ANYONE can do it??  There are dozens if not hundreds of "schools" in operations in this country.  How many of them are operated by a mark that belongs sitting at home watching it on TV, someone that was never trained properly themselves?  Then there are the schools that will allow anyone with a pocket full of money become a "wrestler."  And what happens??  You have a classic example of the blind leading the blind.  You have untrained guys "working" with each other, putting each others safety at risk.

And what happens after you've been "schooled?"  You've gotta wrestle on shows.  Since the internet became big ten or so years ago, information travels easy.  Any fool with a little money can buy a ring and rent a small dump that hold 40 people and have a "wrestling show."  If you watch it on TV, you can do it for real right?  Then reality sets in....if you have no idea how to promote an event, no one is going to go.  If no one goes, you're not going to be able to pay the boys and that means you have very little "talent" to pick from.  Who can you get to "work" for free or next to nothing?  Those that don't know any better.  Those that have trained at the aforementioned schools.  The un-professional.  Now these horrendous displays are being presented in front of fans that don't know any better, destroying the quality of indy wrestling and it's fan base completely.  At the end of the night, the only people getting worked are the "workers" themselves.  The only people they're entertaining are themselves.  Some people don't care about the impact and impression they make, they just want to go out, hear the "pop," and pretend they're Austin for ten minutes when in reality they're not even a blip on the radar screen and NOBODY except for themselves cares.  It's an insult to what was "professional wrestling."

I'd never knock someone for living their dream.  I was blessed to be brought into a world I loved since I was six years old when I wasn't even in high school yet.  However, I was taught to respect the business....I watched, I listened, I learned.  Almost twelve years later, I still try to learn.  I was lucky enough to be brought into wrestling the old school way thanks to Tony Rumble, the way that everyone should be forced to.  No one treated the business as if it was a joke or if they were "entitled" to anything - they were GRATEFUL to be a part of something they loved.  When I see these clueless fools getting together like middle aged guys at a softball game, then trying to compare themselves to the Red Sox....it baffles me....sometimes I laugh, sometimes I'm sick to my stomach.  I'm sure those in fantasy land will take issue with my opinion, but it is the truth.  Ask any professional wrestler and they'll agree. 

The character of Spider is done.  Dan Quirk will never take another breath.  Wrestling will go on, as it always does.  These schools will continue to mis-train and horrible shows will continue to ruin what the pro's used to do.  These clueless individuals will hang out at a bar after the show, patting themselves on the back after blowing a dozen spots in front of 30 people for $10 and turning off the fan base.  What's even sadder than the fact that these schools and promotions even exist is that there are many Dan Quirk situations waiting to happen.  For his sake and his families sake, I hope that wrestling can police itself and weed out those that don't belong.  If I expect that to happen, I'm the one living in fantasy land....

Rest in peace my friend...
Dan Mirade