* * * * * * * * * *

Episode #22:  January 2013 Cyberstarz - Todd Hanson -vs- Scott Reed, Ortiz vs Milonas
SOUL SURVIVOR IX season has begun! As we countdown to the big one March 9th at Memorial Hall in Melrose, MA, we kick off the New Year with a loaded edition of Cyberstarz. In the main event, friction that evolved out of what looks like jealousy comes to a head as Todd Hanson battles "Superstar of Sin" Scott Reed. Hanson was excluded from the 6-Pack Challenge to earn a main event spot at SS9 but made his presence known by dragging Reed out of the ring. After a year out of action thanks to a beating from the Uprising, "Demon" Luis Ortiz is back and better than ever as he takes on one half of the MWF Tag Team Champions the monsterous "Executioner" Brian Milonas. Questions have popped up lately as to why we haven't seen Milonas & partner Rick Fuller together but nonetheless this is a chance for the big man to shine. We also look back at the scandal with "Straight Edge" Brian Fury, Carlito, the 6-Pack Challenge itself and hear from President Paul Bearer!

January 2013 MWF Superstar Zone - Viscera vs DJ Dubay, Jay Freddie vs Dylan Kage
We kick off the new year with the massive Big Daddy V Viscera finally getting his hands on loud mouth "East Coast Cowboy" DJ Dubay.  As a result of the shocking end to that match, we get a chance to see Jay Freddie -vs- "Stalker" Dylan Kage from earlier this fall in an outstanding unaired match where the new Uprising was officially formed in a brutal beating that will leave Freddie on the injured list for up to a year.  We also take a look at the Uprising's reaction to being sold & more!

January MWF 2013 MWF Xtra - 6-Pack Challenge, Carlito/Fury, Bearer, Uprising Sold
Missed some of our MWF Xtra web-isodes this month?  Check out a one hour program taking a look at eight of videos filled with in-ring action, interviews, announcements and more as we countdown the days to SOUL SURVIVOR IX Saturday, March 9th at Memorial Hall in Melrose, MA!

* * * * * * * * * *

Episode #23:  February 2013 Cyberstarz - Brian Fury vs Elia Markopoulos, Ortiz, Fuller
The road to SOUL SURVIVOR IX continues on Cyberstarz.  MWF TV Champion "Straight Edge" Brian Fury defends the title against Elia Markopoulos, an up and comer who lived his dreams in 2012 and looking to go even further in 2013.  "Demon" Luis Ortiz' comeback continues with the Uprising on his mind, facing The Devil's Reject.  One half of the MWF Tag Team Champions Rick Fuller - who mysteriously hasn't been seen with Executioner Milonas of late - takes on "The Shaft" Bobby Ocean.

February 2013 MWF Superstar Zone - Slyck Wagner Brown, Benny Jux, Dylan Kage
The countdown to SOUL SURVIVOR IX rolls along on the Superstar Zone. We see Slyck Wagner Brown and Benny Jux in singles matches. "Stalker" Dylan Kage unleashes on Todd Hanson as their 3 Stages of Hell war comes closer. We preview the MWF Undisputed Title match to crown the first champion, and more!

February 2013 MWF Xtra Highlights - Countdown To SOUL SURVIVOR IX, Karl Lauer CAC
Missed any of the MWF's exciting webisodes in February?  If so, check out select videos as we counted down the days to SOUL SURVIVOR IX as well as part of the Karl Lauer roast from last years Cauliflower Alley Club.

* * * * * * * * * *

Episode #24:  March 2013 Cyberstarz - Scott Reed -vs- DJ Dubay & more!
It's the final Cyberstarz before SOUL SURVIVOR IX! Headed into Paul Bearer's 3 Stages of Hell, "Superstar of Sin" Scott Reed takes on the wild "East Coast Cowboy" DJ Dubay in singles action. Preparing for tag team title action March 9th, Beau Douglas & Benny Jux face Scotty Slade & Michael Webb. We preview the huge event & more!

March 2013 MWF Superstar Zone - Bobby Lashley interview, Paul Bearer's passing
This month on the Superstar Zone, we alert fans to the sad news of Paul Bearer's passing; preview SOUL SURVIVOR IX; and have an exclusive interview with Bobby Lashley about his MWF debut! We're only days away fans, make your plans to join us live now!

* * * * * * * * * *

Episode #25:  April 2013 Cyberstarz - Paul Bearer Tribute, Matt Taven -vs- SWB
It's a huge month on Cyberstarz in the aftermath of SOUL SURVIVOR IX!  We bring you the emotional tribute from SSIX as Dan Mirade and X-Pac pay tribute to the late MWF President Paul Bearer.  Then in the main event, the white hot Matt Taven takes on Slyck Wagner Brown (with Julian Starr) of the new look Uprising.  Don't miss a minute of the action!

April 2013 Superstar Zone - John Cena Sr. Returns, Face-to-Face Battle!
A month after his return to MWF North, John Cena Sr. returns to MWF Studios to sit down with MWF EVP of Wrestling Operations Dan Mirade to discuss his present and future plans.  NOTE: there is adult language used in this program not suitable for fans above the age of 13.

* * * * * * * * * *

Episode #26:  May 2013 Cyberstarz - Eddie Edwards -vs- Julian Starr Loser Leaves Town!
This month on Cyberstarz the war is on in a Loser Leaves Town Match as "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards representing the MWF challenges Julian Starr of John Cena Sr.'s new look Uprising.  With recent rumors Starr was going to retire, this makes the situation even more interesting.  We hear from MWF Undisputed Champion Carlito, take a look back at SSIX with the formation of Cena's newly purchased faction, Islander Makua returns against the debuting Marvin Lincoln and more!  It's a new season in the Millennium Wrestling Federation - check it out and spread the word!

May 2013 Superstar Zone - Julian Starr Appreciation!
After Uprising member Julian Starr went down to a back injury & a Loser Leaves Town Match against "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards, John Cena Sr. all but ordered this special 30 minute program looking back at some of Julian's wins here in the Millennium Wrestling Federation, including "Hurricane" John Walters, Scott Reed and Bobby Ocean.

* * * * * * * * * *

Episode #27:  June 2013 Superstar Zone - The Evil Empire Is Back!
Uprising leader John Cena Sr. is back in studio as he plans for a pending war with the Millennium Wrestling Federation roster. Both Cena and MWF EVP of Wrestling Operations Dan Mirade are prepared for every and anything as our 2013 "Call To Action Campaign" is underway as we look for new athletes to bring to the company. Cena shares his thoughts on sending Julian Starr into in-ring competition, his farewell video and more!

Episode #27:  June 2013 Cyberstarz - Boogeyman returns, Tag Team Action!
This month on Cyberstarz, our huge summer heats up with a look back at last months Loser Leaves Town Match. The Boogeyman returns for singles action as he takes on relative newcomer Mikey Webb. Beau Douglas continues to find ways to get back in the win column as he teams with Benny Jux to take on the debuting North / South Connection ("East Coast Cowboy" DJ Dubay & "Playboy" Jimmy James). All this and all the latest news available now!

June 2013 MWF Xtra:  Hardcore Bob Holly Shoot Interview!
If you missed it on BOSTONWRESTLING.COM check out Dan Mirade's hour long interview with multi time WWE champion Hardcore Bob Holly! Holly's new autobiography "The Hardcore Truth" is available now online and at book stores everywhere and is one of the best wrestling books to hit the shelves in years - check it out as Holly holds NOTHING back from his 16 years in WWE!

* * * * * * * * * *

July 2013 Superstar Zone:  John Cena Sr. Attacks Bob Holly
Things are heating up after our July 4th announcements for the 12th anniversary BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH, a dark John Cena Sr. tears Hardcore Holly apart and exposes a supposed incident Dan Mirade kept from the MWF Board of Directors. True or false?  Check it out!

Episode #29:  July 2013 MWF Cybeerstarz:  Rich Swann -vs- Frankie Arion
Things are heating up this summer as we count down to our 12th anniversary BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH September 21st in Melrose, MA! In the featured contest, Rich Swann challenges Frankie Arion in singles competition. MWF Chairman Neil Manolian has a major announcement after John Cena Sr's expose' on the July Superstar Zone - who's in, who's out and what's the main event at the BASH? For more info on the big event, visit:

* * * * * * * * * *

August 2013 MWF Superstar Zone:  New Sponsor, Mirade Failure (?)
Months have become weeks and we're counting down the days to the Millennium Wrestling Federation's 12th anniversary BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH! This month on the Superstar Zone, John Cena Sr. is back in studio talking about the giant all day event, we learn of a new sponsor, more accusations of Dan Mirade's failures as EVP of Wrestling Operations, a young athlete looking to join the roster & more!

Episode #30 -  August 2013 MWF Cyberstarz:  Carlito Interview, Mikey Webb & more!
This month on Cyberstarz, we have an interview with an angry MWF Undisputed Champion Carlito after John Cena Sr.'s remarks earlier in the month on the Superstar Zone.  In ring, we have Mikey Webb faces Marvin Lincoln as all athletes are looking for a spot in the Paul Bearer Memorial TV Title Tournament, plus Islander Makua & Freight Train Dan battle the North / South Connection ("East Coast Cowboy" DJ Dubay & "Playboy" Jimmy James)!

* * * * * * * * * *

Episode #31 -  September 2013 MWF Cyberstarz:  Carlito, John Cena Sr., Hardcore Holly
As we continue the countdown to our 12th anniversary BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH Saturday, September 21st at Memorial Hall in Melrose, MA, Cyberstarz featured big time interviews with MWF Undisputed Champion Carlito, John Cena Sr., and Hardcore Holly!  Don't miss it, it's getting hot!

September 2013 MWF Superstar Zone: Big BASH Matches, Big Daddy V & John Cena Sr.
We we countdown the days to our 12th anniversary BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH this Saturday night at Memorial Hall in Melrose, MA, John Cena Sr.'s assistant Cam Zagami joins Dan MIrade in-studio discussing big matches taking place at the BASH, interviews with Big Daddy V / Viscera, Mr. Cena & more!

* * * * * * * * * *

Episode #32 - October 2013 MWF Cyberstarz:  Todd Hanson vs Antonio Thomas
In a explosive season premiere of MWF Cyberstarz, Todd Hanson (with WWE Hall of Famer "Cowboy" Bob Orton) faces Uprising member Antonio Thomas (with John Cena Sr. & Cam Zagami), leading to a battle with the rest of the Uprising, Devon Dudley, Hardcore Holly & Bobby Lashley! Jay Freddie returns after missing nearly a year of competition due to knee surgery against Jason Rumble & more!\

October 2013 MWF Superstar Zone
Dan Mirade and John Cena Sr's verbal war continues in the aftermath of our 12th anniversary BIG BANG BIRTHDAY BASH!

* * * * * * * * * *

November 2013 MWF Superstar Zone TV
Catch the complete, unedited version of the November Superstar Zone with an extreme showdown between John Cena Sr. and Dan Mirade.

Episode #33 - November 2013 MWF Cyberstarz: Ted DiBiase Shoot Interview, Herschel
Wild month on Cyberstarz available BEFORE November!!  After running his mouth for weeks, Beau Douglas takes on John Cena Sr.'s "executive assistant" Cam Zagami in singles action.  Counting down the days to HOLIDAY HEADLOCKS November 16th at Kowloon in Saugus, MA, we have an in-depth interview with "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, The Boogeyman celebrates Halloween with us, we see Scott Wilson ("Herschel" from the Walking Dead), Quincy confronts Kane Hodder (Jason from the Friday the 13th movie series) and more!  It's Halloween ONLY as the MWF can do it!

* * * * * * * * * *

December 2013 Cyberstarz: Holly vs Milonans, Lashley & Big Daddy V vs Uprising
In a huge 2013 finale to Cyberstarz, Dan Mirade gets his final shots in towards John Cena Sr. as Hardcore Holly debuts against MWF Tag Team Champion "Executioner" Brian Milonas, as well as Bobby Lashley & Big Daddy V team to face MWF Tag Team Champion Rick Fuller and - you're reading it right - Cam Zagami!

December 2013 MWF Superstar Zone TV: The Finale - Part 1
Check out the supersized first finale of the modern day MWF version of the Superstar Zone

December 2013 MWF Superstar Zone TV:  The Finale - Part 2
The conclusion!

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