Thursday, June 22nd, 2006 * 2:11AM

Earlier this evening, MWF officials learned that Franklin D. Churchill (Michael Noyes Morison) passed away at his summer home.  Churchill had served as the president of the MWF Board of Directors since the promotions inception.  He was also commissioner for "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble's Century Wrestling Alliance in the 1990's. 

Churchill truly loved this business, a night owl that studied wrestling videos and was never far from the phone when he handled calls from various friends and legends in wrestling, including "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Bobby Simmons and Jim Hodgkins. Churchill was also close friends with the voice of the MWF, The Jackal.  A little known fact is that he is the grandson of famed author Samuel Eliot Morison, of whom there is a statue of in Boston.

The entire Millennium Wrestling Federation extends it's deepest sympathy to Churchill's family.  This news comes on the heals of more sad news we expect to announce shortly of another in the MWF family.

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