Sunday, November 16th, 2008 * 10:47PM

If you missed SOUL SURVIVOR V last night at the Millennium Wrestling Federation's homecoming at the historic Memorial Hall in Melrose. . .why??  The largest crowd to witness a live wrestling event in Melrose  in over ten years was hot from start to finish.

The event opened with Rich Palladino as the voice and man in charge of the interactive Question & Answer session open to VIP ticket holders featuring MWF President John Cena Sr., "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin, Road Dogg, The Iron Sheik and "Cowboy" Bob Orton, followed by an autograph/photo fanfest. 

Scott Reed defeated Jason 'Rumble', getting a taste of revenge against The Uprising for their brutal attack on the September MWF ULTRA.

Beau Douglas & Road Dogg (with Bull Montana) beat J-Busta and Jimmy Jact Ca$h (with "Cowboy" Bob Orton) to win the held up MWF Tag Team Titles.  Orton was originally slated to team with Busta, but due to suffering from flu like symptoms, Ca$h joined his Uprising running buddy and Road Dogg teamed up with Beau once again.  Douglas & Road Dogg are now two time MWF Tag Team Champions, while Beau has now been a co-holder of the titles on four seperate occations.  Early in the contest, Douglas went for a pinfall attempt and Orton pulled guest referee John Cena Sr. out of the ring and the two exchangd punches before Orton was thrown out of the ringside area.

The Boston Wrestling / Millennium Wrestling Federation Hall of Fame opened it's doors with the Class of 2008.  Commissioner Brad Von Johnson presented "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal with the late Franklin D. Churchill's award, while Dan Mirade gave a warm introduction to the legendary Iron Sheik.

Chris Sabin defeated the debuting Bobby Fish in a tremendous singles match up.  Fish was the last minute replacement for Luke Robinson of The Uprising, who claims he was injured at the hands of the MWF "Stalker."  Sabin came away with his first MWF victory and stated he was here to not only get a piece of "Slyck" Wagner Brown and The Uprising, but to win the MWF Heavyweight Championship.

"Executioner" Brian Milonas & Max Bauer (with Vito Carluccio) beat Rick Fuller & Islander Makua (with Bull Montana).  In a heated battle of the big men, Fuller wound up walking out on Makua, leaving him to be destroyed by Ox Baker's Army.  After the match, the trio went to down on Montana as Fuller turned his back on his mentor.

Chase Delmonte won the 5th Annual "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble Memorial Battle Royal, joining past winners Todd Hanson, Bull Montana, Ox Baker and Rick Fuller.

"Straight Edge" Brian Fury won the Millennium Wrestling Federation Television Champion, defeating "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal, "Slyck" Wagner Brown and "Hurricane" John Walters in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match.  Fury won the only fall of the thirty minute contest pinning Lethal.  It appeared that Slyck had the match in hand after hitting Lethal with his finisher.  Chris Sabin bolted to the ring and broke up the count as he and Slyck battled around ringside.  Walters put the injured Lethal in a sharpshooter, only to be broken up by Fury, who moments later came away with the pinfall.  For several minutes, the four athletes fought with everything they had to get a pinfall to at least tie Fury at one fall, but at the 30:00 minute mark, MWF original Brian Fury was standing tall and proud as the new champion.

While the 15 foot high steel cage was being constructed, fans won great prizes, such as an autographed John Cena photo, a WWE No Mercy 2008 PPV chair, an autographed Iron Sheik ring worn turban, an autographed TNA Knockouts calendar along with autographed t-shirts of Road Dogg & "Black Machismo."  As always, tremendous prizes that you can only find at the king of sports in New England.  The "Palladino Priza Patrol" was also out in full force, tossing free books, DVD's and other merchandise into the crowd.

MWF Heavyweight Champion Todd Hanson entered the cage first only to hear Paul Bearer's music hit. . .and out came Vito Carluccio, the leader of Ox Baker's evil Army.  Vito let the cat out of the bag, explaining that even before Paul Bearer returned to the MWF in 2005 as the leader and money-man behind The Trifecta, he came up with a sinister plot to destroy the MWF from within.  SOUL SURVIVOR V wasn't going to be remembered for "what you know, but for what you're GOING to know."  While Hanson was distracted, the masked Stalker climed to the top of the steel cage and flew down on Hanson with a double ax handle.  The Stalker finally unmasked as former MWF Heavyweight Champion "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage!!!  It was at SOUL SURVIVOR IV that Hanson pinned Kage to end his near four year reign as champion, and then Dylan vanished before he could even have his automatic rematch.  In the end, Hanson came away with the victory, but it's a war far from over as Hanson's shoulder was seriously injured in the match and the champion could be facing major surgery.  Kage has promised MWF officials a video for the November ULTRA program coming clean as to why he and Bearer sabotaged an entire wrestling organization and fan base.