by Dan Mirade * Monday, April 27th, 2009

WWE Backlash 2009 live in Providence, RI

After fifteen plus years around this great sport, very few things "wow" me, and I've had it happen twice in two weeks;  first with the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in Las Vegas, and earlier this evening at the WWE Backlash PPV in Providence, RI.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Pepin family for the first time tonight.  Nine year old Shiloh Pepin is known to most as "Mermaid Girl" from a Discovery Channel special on her last year.  Her parents, Leslie and Elmer, are two tremendous human beings.  Thanks to the hard work of "Supertar" Billy Graham, John Cena Sr., WWE, Karl Lauer of the CAC and a little work sprinkled in by yours truly, we were able to raise enough money to get the Pepin's to RI tonight for Backlash. 

Originally, we were working on getting the Pepin's to Houston for WrestleMania earlier this month.  That plan came to a hault as the family needed a credit card to check into a Houston area hotel, which they did not have.  Well, now that the Pepin's are resting in Providence, the old saying "rules were meant to be broken" applies as we were able to get them a nice room at the Hilton under my name and credit card.  Problem solved!

After checking the family into the hotel, they were able to freshen up and enjoy a meal before we met up with President Cena outside the venue and were then greeted by a WWE official inside.  Shiloh was presented with a WWE Womens Championship belt autographed by John Cena himself.  She was thrilled.  From there, we went on to enjoy the event thanks to WWE.

While going over final plans with Leslie this weekend, she  mentioned that she'd like to have Shiloh attend a summer camp for disabled children this summer.  After hearing this, myself, Billy Graham, John Cena Sr. and others have been putting our heads together to come up with a fundraising plan to give Shiloh an entire week away from home at camp with kids her own age for the very first time.  Please check back for exciting details as they become available as we try to show the world that there is some good in the world of professional wrestling!

To learn a little about Shiloh and her family watch the two minute video below: