Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 * 11:52AM

Saturday, November 14th, 2009 * Memorial Hall * Melrose, MA
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In another huge match-up signed for ROAD TO THE GOLD November 14th, TNA Knockout Awesome Kong returns to John Cena Sr.'s Fabulous Women of Wrestling taking on the debuting Nikki Valentine.

President Cena sent the following to BOSTONWRESTLING.COM:

The fans of MWF are in for a great match when on November 14th the mighty Kong faces my find Nikki Valentine.  I saw this young lady in a tag and then in several singles matches.  I actually had to look twice because I thought I was looking at the former WWE Diva Victoria.  I further observed this young lady as a manager and again in a mixed gender match up.  Once again she held her own and kicked some butt.  She, in my opinion, is a future women's champion.  I am not going to say that battling Kong is an easy task for anyone for she is without a doubt a force and a former champion that is nothing short of great.  But, anytime, anyplace and anywhere the tables could turn.  I know this match will be one to remember no matter what the outcome and Kong will know she has been in a match.  But, FWW is on it's way to big things.  I am now in the process of booking a second match with a female wrestler that I believe is also a future champion.  Who is it?  Well, soon I will reveal her name and her opponent.  But, trust me this is a rising and if I can book her, one more time she will bring the fans to their feet.  I will reveal both soon, until then it is Awesome Kong former TNA Champion vs my investment Nikki Valentine.