Sunday, November 14th, 2004 * 12:29PM
BOSTONWRESTLING.COM's MWF SOUL SURVIVOR 2004 was a tremendous hit with the fans and students from Shawsheen Tech last night!  380 fans joined us for a night of professional wrestling with a little bit of everything.

Before the event began, Dustin "Goldust" Rhodes and The Iron Sheik took part in a Question & Answer session with fans who bought VIP tickets!  This Q&A session was no holds barred as they were allowed to ask everything and anything to these two superstars.

The Millennium Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage kicked off the show introducing his new clique of himself, Jimmy Jact Ca$h and "Hoochie Playa" Danny Jaxx (the former Curt Daniels).  Last October, Ca$h helped Kage become champion when he attacked "Slyk" Wagner Brown on the debut edition of MWF ULTRA.  Kage was all business after cutting ties with his former valet Talia over repeated incidents with Commissioner Von Johnson.  Tiger Mulligan was injured at last year's Soul Survivor and forced to vacat the title as he was unable to defend it after a reasonable period of time.  After listening to Kage go on and on he made his way to the ring and stormed up the ladder to show everyone what was going to happen later in the night - Mulligan was going to reclaim the belt he never lost.

In a hot opening match, Jimmy Jact Ca$h defeated "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards.  Edwards continues to prove why he's becoming one of the best in all of New England and scored near pinfall after near pinfall on Ca$h in a close contest.

The Outpatient (with Heff) def. Paulie Gilmore (with Bull Montana).  The veteran "Big" Paulie Gilmore took it to the big man as they slugged it out back and forth for several minutes before another of Ox Baker's mercenaries got the victory.

"Hoochie Playa" Danny Jaxx defeated Matt Logan.  Logan is another hungry, young athlete on the rise and looked very impressive against Jaxx.  However, Jaxx' power and aggression was too much for the youngster to overcome as Kage's clique continued to dominate the night.

Ring announcer Rich Palladino spoke of the late "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble as November 13th marked the five year anniversary of his death.  There was a special ten bell salute to him and all of his accomplishments over the years.

"The Living Legend" Bull Montana won the 2nd Annual Memorial Battle Royal.  Things didn't look good for Montana at all, he was pounded early in the match and was injured in the corner.  Shawsheen Tech's Coach Constabile was the enforcer referee for this match, he tried to stop it when the battle royal came down to two men.  When the Outpatient wouldn't relent on his attack, he stormed into the ring...while distracted, Montana was able to hoist him over the top with the help of Constabile!

During intermission, fans were able to get autographs and pose for pictures with Dustin Rhodes, The Iron Sheik, Kamala, Bob Orton, Tiger Mulligan and Bull Montana.

After intermission, Coach Tildsley was introduced to the crowd and introduced the arm wrestling match between Coach Donovan and Mr. Fusco, which ended in suspicious fashion as the table gave out and Coach Donovan was overpowered by it's downward movement.

In the ladder match for the MWF Heavyweight Championship, "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage defeated Tiger Mulligan.  Kage was joined at ringside by Ca$h and Jaxx and interfered regularly until referee Nick Neidhart ordered them to the back or the match would be over and Mulligan declared champion.  Mulligan and Kage went back in forth for over a half hour in one of the best independent matches of the year.  As Neidhart was once again distracted, Tiger climbed to the top of the ladder and snatched the title, however, he was thrown from the ladder and the belt landed in the hands of Dylan Kage.  When Neidhart was able to focus on the match again, he saw the champion with fifteen pounds of gold in his hand.  Kage, Ca$h and Jaxx destoryed Mulligan until Dustin Rhodes charged the ring with a steel chair to even things up.  Kage retains the belt thanks to his clique.  Tiger Mulligan loses but yet again has still been never pinned in the MWF.

In the second half of the double main event, Todd Hanson & "Cowboy" Bob Orton & Beau Douglas defeated "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala & Gino Martino & Ox Baker's Executioner.  Ox Baker was MIA as he was searching for new mercenaries to bring into the MWF.  Todd Hanson pinned the Executioner in a wild six man.  After the match, Heff blamed Gino Martino and it doesn't take much to get Martino riled up!  He grabbed the cocky, big mouthed manager and threw him into the corner.  Kamala charged at Martino but wound up chopping Heff in the head!  Martino went blow for blow with Kamala until the Outpatient and Executioner attacked.  Trying to do the right thing, Orton, Douglas and even Martino's arch enemy Todd Hanson returned to the ring to run off the evil army.  The veteran Bob Orton was able to get Hanson and Martino to shake hands as a sign of mutual respect...something no one ever thought we'd see after the feud they've had over the past year and a half.