Updated November 4th, 2005

Saturday, November 5th, 2005
Lynn Armory * 38 South Common St. * Lynn, MA           click here for driving directions
5:00PM - Doors Open For VIP Ticket Holders
5:15PM - Question & Answer Session
6:45PM - VIP Autograph/Photo Session
7:00PM - Doors Open To General Admission Ticket Holders - Autograph/Photo Session
8:00PM - Belltime


Billy Kidman will be unable to appear at Soul Survivor Saturday night due to issues
surrounding Torrie Wilson's WWE situation.  Visit WWE.com for more.  Kidman will be
replaced by wrestling sensation "Hurricane" John Walters and he looks forward to
making his MWF debut sometime in early 2006.

Tickets will be on-sale Saturday night at the Armory at 4PM

General Admission $16  (admission to the live wrestling & autograph session)

VIP Ticket $27 (admission to live wrestling and Q&A session, early admission to autograph session)                   

Golden VIP Ticket $33 (front row seat to live wrestling and Q&A session, early admission to autograph session)

Autograph prices are per autograph on our 8X10 photo or your item.  Photo prices are for a picture with our Polaroid camera or your own personal camera with the superstar
Each autograph and photograph must be paid for.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Autographs $15 / Photo $15

Paul Bearer / Percy Pringle III
Autographs $12 / Photo $12

Autographs $10 / Photo $10

The Missing Link
Autographs $10 / Photo $10

The Sandman
Autographs $10 / Photo $10

Click Here For A Preview Of The Live Wrestling Event!

If ANY Wrestler Interferes, Dylan Kage Loses The Title
"Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage (c)
"Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz

"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards (c)
"Hurricane" John Walters

"The Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino (c)
The Missing Link (with Ox Baker)

Dr. Von Johnson's Presentation To Jake "The Snake" Roberts

The Sandman & MWF Tag Team Champions Todd Hanson &
Beau Douglas & "Veteran" Paulie Gilmore (with Bull Montana)
Ox Baker's Army

Will Percy Pringle III/Paul Bearer Become New MWF Commissioner?

Tiger Mulligan
Jimmy Jact Ca$h

3rd Annual "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble
Memorial Battle Royal

Nick Narcisstic

Special Attraction:  AWA WORLD-1 GRUDGE MATCH
Ricky Landell
Greg Spitz

Plus More To Be Announced!

It's that time of year again!  MWF SOUL SURVIVOR III will team up with The Jackal's BOSTONWRESTLING.COM WrestleFest for a huge event Saturday, November 5th at the Lynn Armory in Lynn, MA!  This year, the WrestleFest Question & Answer session will be open to VIP Ticket holders only!  For over an hour, VIP's will have a chance to ask these wrestling superstars of every era anything they want!  Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Paul Bearer, The Sandman, Billy Kidman, Andrew "Test" Martin, The Missing Link and Ox Baker are already confirmed with more superstars to be announced in the near future!  Then, VIP's will have the first chance for autograph and photograph oppurtunities - 15 minutes before the doors open to General Admission ticket holders, VIP's can line-up to meet the stars.  Special bonus matches will take place in the ring while the autograph/photo session goes on.  Then at 8PM, the action begins at the third annual SOUL SURVIVOR.

General Admission ticket holders will have admission to the autograph / photograph session and the live wrestling event.

VIP Ticket holders will have admission and first choice of non-front row seats to the Q&A session, early access to the autograph and photo session, and the same seat for the live wrestling event.

GOLDEN VIP Ticket holders will have a front row seat to the Q&A session, front of the line access to the autograph and photograph session, and a front row seat to the live wrestling event.

There will be a seperate charge for all autographs and photographs.  Fans will be able to choose which superstars they get autographs/photos from, how many, etc. and will keep the tickets themselves much more affordable.  We will not be offering a "super ticket" like last year - fans can choose who they'd like to meet on a superstar by superstar basis.

You never know what to expect at SOUL SURVIVOR.  In 2003, Tiger Mulligan became the first Millennium Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion by winning the first of it's kind Soul Survivor competition and he was presented the championship belt by wrestling legend Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.  This was also the event where Tiger injured his knee, which  has  been a problem ever since. SOUL SURVIVOR 2003  also marked the beginning of the Todd Hanson-Gino Martino war. After defeating former WWF IC Champion D-Lo Brown in front of his hometown fans as well as family and friends, Hanson was brutally attacked by Martino and Brown, cutting his hair and throwing it on his family members at ringside.  In the first part of the championship competition, Dr. Von Johnson screwed Martino by having his singles match become a gauntlet match.  After defeating three men, Hanson came out and battled the Extreme Strongman to a double countout.  "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage and Jimmy Jact Ca$h went to great lengths to keep the champion gold off of "Slyk" Wagner Brown in the championship competition, as well.

In 2004, Billerica, MA was the home to SOUL SURVIVOR.  There was a special Question & Answer session with former WWF Heavyweight Champion The Iron Sheik as well as former WWF IC Champion Goldust before the event even began.  In a six man tag team war, Todd Hanson & "Cowboy" Bob Orton & Beau Douglas defeated Ox Baker's Army, consisting of Gino Martino &  "The  Ugandan Giant"  Kamala &  Ox  Baker's  Executioner. While Todd Hanson pinned the Executioner, Heff blamed Gino Martino for the loss since he was the captain of the team.  Martino and Kamala went blow for blow until the man with the hardest head in professional wrestling was triple teamed by Kamala, Executioner and Army member The Outpatient.  Eventually, Orton, Douglas and even Martino's enemy Todd Hanson returned to the ring to clean house.  In the end, the rivals shook hands.  The Millennium Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage dumped valet Talia and formed the impressive Trifecta, along with Jimmy Jact Ca$h and Danny Jaxx.  In the second half of the double main event, Kage took on former champion Tiger Mulligan in a Ladder Match.  Mulligan was stripped of the championship in late 2003 due to his inability to defend the gold due to injury.  This was Tiger's first crack at the championship since the injury and after 30 minutes of wild action, Mulligan climbed  the  ladder  and  regained  the title he was never defeated for. Unfortunately for him, the referee was distracted by Danny Jaxx.  Jimmy Jact Ca$h slammed him off the ladder, grabbed the belt and placed it in the hands of an unconscious Dylan Kage.  By the time the ref's attention returned to the ring, all he saw was the the champion with the title draped over him.  Mulligan was screwed again.  Bull Montana was the surprise winner in the "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble Memorial Battle Royal. 

No one can say for sure what's going to happen this year.   What  feuds  will  be  settled? What new vendetta's will begin?  What wrestling legends will appear?  BE THERE LIVE on November 5th to find out!