Sunday, March 20th, 2005 * 9:21PM

This spring is going to be one of the most exciting times in the history of the Millennium Wrestling Federation.  Since took over day-to-day operations of the MWF due to Dan Mirade's health issues we've attempted to implement several changes for the better.

The MWF becoming the American Wrestling Association's New England representation is certainly a cue.  The AWA's presence in Boston goes back to the 1920's.  With other promotion's affiliated all over the United States as well as Canada and Japan, this opens up many doors for the hungry, young athletes of the MWF to travel to different areas as well as bring some fresh faces into the Millennium Wrestling Federation itself.

MWF ULTRA continues to be revamped.  Our next live event is going to be a huge taping for the program.  In addition to it's community airings, we plan on having the program be available on our web-site one weekend per month along with offering ULTRA on DVD and VHS with two episodes per release.  The January and February 2005 (with the great Eddie Edwards-Jerelle Clark TV Title match) should be available for purchase by the time you read this.

As news of the MWF's AWA affiliation broke many of our superstars began jockeying for position. Obviously, the MWF Heavyweight Champion "Sudden Impact" Dylan Kage and the MWF Television Champion "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards look at this as an opportunity to make their presence known all over the country.  Travel, money, fame and competition are why you get into professional wrestling.  That leaves those that do not possess MWF championship gold.

Tiger Mulligan has had a series of bad luck over the past year and a half.  He won the Soul Survivor competition to become the first MWF Heavyweight Champion in May 2003 but never had a chance to defend his fifteen pounds of gold because of his knee injury at the hands of "2Xtreme" John Brooks.  Tiger was granted a match against Kage at Soul Survivor 2004 in their ladder match but while he climbed the ladder and grabbed the belt, Trifecta members Jimmy Jact Ca$h and Danny Jaxx distracted the ref and made sure Kage retained the title.  Tiger tweaked his knee again and missed not one but two title rematches.  Lt. Commissioner Sonny Yee and the President of the MWF Board of Directors Franklin D. Churchill mutually decided that Mulligan had exhausted all championship rematch clauses at this time.

Some might call John Brooks travel troubles preventing him from competing in the finals of the MWF TV Title Tournament poetic justice.  After all, he was responsible for Mulligan's chronic knee problems.  In the tournament, Brooks defeated Genesis and Mini to make it to the finals, while Eddie Edwards beat Todd Hanson (in his first MWF loss) and Vince Vicallo.  When Brooks was unable to appear, Yee decided that NWA TNA star "Mr. 630" Jerelle Clark was not only going to replace Brooks but have his shot at the championship.  The MWF board has granted Brooks a title match against Edwards as soon as possible.  If you go back in MWF history, Eddie Edwards made his MWF debut losing to John Brooks on October 5th, 2002 in Wakefield, MA.  Will history repeat itself when these two hungry, young athletes square off for the gold?

Gino Martino has been training with the Iron Sheik like a mad man.  The Extreme Strongman is frothing at the lips thinking about destroying Ox Baker's Army, namely "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala, Ox Baker's Executioner and the Outpatient.  The Army's braintrust of Ox Baker, Heff and now Kim Chee are looking high and low for assassins to take out Martino in their quest to take over the Millennium Wrestling Federation.  And Martino isn't their only target.  Heff will never forget the beating from Todd Hanson that he received in the streets of Lynn, nevermind Hanson pinning Heff's protege, former WWF IC Champion D-Lo Brown.  Who would have ever thought that we'd see Martino and Hanson shake hands at the encouragement of Bob Orton and Beau Douglas at Soul Survivor 2004?  While they're far from friends they now have mutual enemies.  Who knows what lengths the evil Army will go to to cause pain and destruction here in the Millennium Wrestling Federation?

And then there's the rest of the MWF.  The other two members of the Trifecta, Jimmy Jact Ca$h and "Hoochie Playa" Danny Jaxx, aren't the type to sit back and watch Dylan Kage shine.  They want a piece of the pie for themselves.  Perhaps they have their eye on Eddie Edwards TV title, or with rumors running rampant that the MWF is about to expand it's tag team division, they'll look to fine tune their teaming skills to make a run at tag team gold.  One man I'm sure that hasn't forgotten about Kage and Ca$h is "Slyk" Wagner Brown.  Commissioner Von Johnson claimed that "Slyk" and his partner and crime April Hunter were an "embarassment" to the Federation and refused to book them on Soul Survivor 2004.  Considering his "traveling companion" is Talia he should watch what he says about my friend April.  "Slyk" wrestled Dylan Kage on the first edition of MWF ULTRA on October 12th, 2003 and thanks to the help of Ca$h he came away the loser.  I'm confident that between Sonny Yee and the board we'll see "Slyk" and April in the MWF again, hopefully much sooner than later.

Beau Douglas is someone I'd like to see step up to the plate in 2005.  Beau has been around dating back to the days of Tony Rumble in NWA New England.  He's got size, he's got talent - but he hasn't put it together to reach the potential many saw in him all those years ago.  If motivation strikes Beau, the sky is the limit for him.

Tommy Knoxville returned to the MWF for the first time since Soul Survivor 2003 on the March edition of ULTRA, defeating "Canadian X" Kenny Omega.  Knoxville looked good and showed little ring rust, but the Toxic one is another that has had the bad luck of nagging injuries.  Remember, Knoxville pinned Eddie Edwards in the first round of the Soul Survivor championship competition, he's someone that could make a run at either championship here in the Millennium Wrestling Federation.

"Veteran" Paulie Gilmore and his manager Bull Montana are a pair that will beat a flush.  Gilmore has been around wrestling now for about a decade and he likes dishing out his punishment in stiff fashion.  Bull Montana is a legend of New England independent wrestling and I'm sure he has Gilmore's sights on making an impact in 2005.

One of the biggest surprises I've seen in some time was the return of Sgt. Ralph Lano.  Who will ever forget Lano's classics with the likes of Gino Martino and Rick Fuller?  The-then "Big Shot" was lucky to leave alive.  Commissioner Von Johnson had a retirement celebration Lano wasn't even invited to in November of 2002 but it appears the two have mended fences.  On the March ULTRA, Lano spoke about his time in the army and his service in Iraq protecting our freedom here in the United States.  While Ralph will never be mistaken for Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels, his life story is an inspirational one as he is a true American hero.

I could go on and on.  Matt Logan is someone I see as evolving into one of the top independent talents in this area over the next few years.  Vince Vicallo is another talent that could win championship gold at any time.  Kenny Omega looked very impressive in his MWF debut on ULTRA and is another example of the talent that Commissioner Von Johnson brings to the dance when he focuses on wrestling instead of sleazy women.  The good doctor has talked about holding another Call To Action Campaign, similar to the one he held in 2002 that brought wrestlers like Martino, Hanson, Brooks and Edwards to the MWF.  And what's an MWF event without special appearances but some of the legends and all time greats of pro wrestling?  The past three and half years have been good, but the future is going to be very, very interesting indeed.