The Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview I DVD (2004)
The Classic As Heard By Millions On The Howard Stern Show & YouTube!
NOTE:  Rated TVMA due to adult language and topics discussed!

Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview DVD with FREE Autographed 8x10!  $15 plus US s/h

Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview DVD with FREE Autographed 8x10!  $15 plus Intl s/h

NOTE:  The Sheik uses colorful, adult language that may be offensive to some viewers.

Without a doubt, The Iron Sheik Studio Shoot Interview DVD from 2004 is the most famous shoot interview in the history of professional wrestling!  The shoot interview genre jumped from being taped in hotel rooms with camcorders into a professional television studio setting.  The flip of a coin on a Sunday night turned into an instant classic that has been viewed by millions of fans worldwide on-line and on home video.  In 2007, The Howard Stern Show fell in love with this interview, opening Sheiky Baby up to a whole new generation of fans.  

The following is discussed in this three hours of pure insanity and mayhem:

*  Life and wrestling in Iran
*  Coming to the United States
*  Going from amatuer wrestling to professional wrestling
*  Seeing the AWA in Minnesota
*  How he got the name the Iron Sheik
*  Training with Ric Flair, Ken Patera, Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell
*  Driving the ring truck to various cities in the AWA
*  Working in World Class
*  Working in Mid-South
*  Going to the WWWF as Hussein Arab
*  Winning the first ever Madison Square Garden Battle Royal
*  Working in Mid Atlantic
*  The travel in Mid South
*  Saving Bob Orton from AK police after beating up a southern woman
*  Working in Japan
*  Working in Puerto Rico
*  The murder of Bruiser Brody
*  Returning to the WWF, now run by Vince Jr.
*  Verne Gagne offering him $100,000 to break Hulk Hogan's leg and bringing the WWF Championship to the AWA
*  His dislike of Hulk Hogan
*  How Bob Backlund wanted to drop the championship to him instead of the Masked Superstar
*  Dropping the title to Hogan
*  How Hogan reminds him of Michael Jackson
*  Not getting a title run with Hogan after dropping the belt
*  His feud with Sgt. Slaughter
*  The famous bootcamp match against Slaughter at MSG
*  Thoughts on Slaughter
*  Thoughts on Jesse Ventura and "medicine"
*  Slaughter getting fired for talking about forming a union
*  The locker room's thoughts on forming a union
*  Teaming with Nikolai Volkoff
*  Stories of Volkoff using a portable grill on the road to cook food and save money
*  His friendship with Volkoff ending over $2
*  The atmosphere at WrestleMania I
*  Wendi Richter turning down his sexual advances
*  A car ride with Richter, Greg Valentine and the Fabulous Moolah where he throws Moolah out of the car on I-95
*  WrestleMania II and working the battle royal with NFL stars
*  WrestleMania III and his dislike of Brian Blair
*  Getting arrested with Jim Duggan in NJ, the legal ramifications and job status in WWF following the incident
*  Going back to World Class
*  His brief return to the WWF in 1988 and what led to his quick departure
*  Misunderstanding Vince McMahon telling him his drug test was "positive"
*  Wrestling Sting in the NWA in 1989
*  Residual checks from merchandising
*  Returning to the WWF in 1991 as Col. Mustafa
*  Wrestling in the main event of SummerSlam 1991
*  Thoughts on the Ultimate Warrior
*  Dr. George Zahorian and the Zahorian trial
*  Hogan lying about steroid use on the Arsenio Hall show
*  Thoughts on General Adnan
*  Thoughts on Saddam Hussein
*  What Arnold Schwartznegger said to him when they met at MSG
*  Sex and drug scandals in 1992
*  Mel Phillips and Terry Garvin abusing their power
*  Steroid/drug testing
*  What led to his 1992 departure
*  Working UWFI in Japan as Khosrow Vaziri
*  Life on the independents
*  Returning to the WWF in 1996 to manage the Sultan
*  His match with Volkoff against the Bushwhackers at Heroes of Wrestling
*  The deaths of so many wrestlers at a young age
*  Would the unionization of wrestlers help?
*  His 2003 car accident damaging his knee
*  The murder of his daughter Marissa
*  His wife stealing WWE residual checks
*  Andre the Giant being rude to fans
*  Bringing Jake "The Snake" Robert's cocaine into Canada
*  Harley Race trying to take the Sheik out in a shoot
*  Ted DiBiase and other wrestlers becoming Born Again Christians
*  Name association on Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, George Steele, Junkyard Dog, Tito Santana, Don Muraco, Mr. Fugi, Adrian Adonis, the Hart Foundation, the British Bulldogs, Randy Savage, Elizabeth, Gorilla Monsoon, Pedro Morales, Ivan Putski, King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd, Hercules, Paul Orndorff, Kamala, the Wild Samoans, Rocky Johnson, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Linda McMahon and more!!!