From: Fire Island, NY.

Weight: 227 lbs.

MWF Debut: March 4th, 2006

Titles Held:  none

While The Pink Assassin is a relative newcomer to the Millennium Wrestling Federation, his career is second to none in the history of New England independent wrestling.  The Assassin was a huge star for the Savoldi's ICCW territory in the 1980's and went on to become one of the wildest stars in Tony Rumble's Century Wrestling Alliance/NWA New England winning numerous championships. Ox Baker has been busy roaming the planet looking for new monsters to bring to the MWF and decided that the Assassin was the man to become the Army General in his absence. Debuting on the March MWF ULTRA, Pinky was
introduced to the fans.  Ox chose the Assassin because in NWA NE he was able to tame hardcore wrestler Gino Martino, walking him to the ring as if he was a dog.  Right off the bat, the Assassin's influence led to a new, meaner attitude in the big Islander Makua.  On the April ULTRA, The Outpatient was pinned by the debuting "Black Lotus" Matt Ledge, leading to the big man going off on a tirade and being suspended by MWF officials.  Later in the program, the Assassin was in the corner of The Vachons, who were going after tag team title gold against Todd Hanson & Beau Douglas.  The Vachons were on the verge of victory until Johnny Fabulous made his way to the ring area and Douglas using his loaded briefcase on the rulebreaking Vachons.  "Ronnie" Fabulous, as Pinky calls him, became an instant enemy.  The Assassin verbally attacked Fabulous and his hair, Fabulous berated the pink one for his....female like characteristics. 

Anytime The Pink Assassin is around, it's going to be wild and trouble for whoever is on the opposite side of the ring.